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Fit to a Tee: 6 Tees For Every Occasion

Credits: thestylebarnco

Simitaiji Tee


Dressing up in Singapore can get a little tricky with the eternal summer upon us and the occasional rain. T-shirts will be your best bet for your daily casual get up and the slightly dressy occasions. It all depends on how you want to dress your tee up. Pair your tee with your funky skirt or statement pants, together with some arm candies, and you are set to party. We will not dictate how you should put your tee together but we have 6 t-shirts to give you some wardrobe ideas.

1. Warrior Tee by Kult3D

An art piece on its own, this tee will look great with a pair of nice fitting jeans, together with a brown leather boots. Ladies, this will also look quite kick-ass with a nice flare denim skirt and your favourite high cut sneakers. Great for party nights and events. 

2. Simitaiji T-shirt by Simitaiji

Simply put, "Simitaiji" means "What's your problem?" in Hokkien. We are pretty sure once you wear this, conversations will find their way to you. Perfect tee for social events or gatherings with friends, we say!

3. We Hate Mondays Too Tee by Less Than Positive

Yes, we all do, don't we? Why not kick start the week by wearing this tee? Once Monday is over, we are sure you will feel better. It can only get better. This shall be your Monday uniform at work!

4. The BTO-er Tee by Roadside Stall

Just for laughs, of course! We hope none of you folks wears this to propose to your potential other halves. Nonetheless, it is a great tee to walk around town as though you are wearing humour on your sleeves. 

5. Superwhite Woman Tee by Superwhite 

A marriage of a seemingly vintage image of a lady with Superwhite's logo, this tee will instantly be an iconic one to put on when you are out on a weekend with your homies. Wear this together with your favourite pants or skirts to start your weekend right at a club with all your friends!

6. Bo Tak Chek T-shirt by Statement

"Bo Tak Chek" simply means "Never study" in Hokkien. Humourous and statement-making (pun unintended), this tee is sure to make your friends chuckle. You can also put on a fitting blazer or a loose outerwear to create your desired get up for a fun event you are attending. 

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