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Join us as we embark on a journey of Inspiring Creativity in a Glocalized World!

10 Naiise Picks For September

Starting this September, Team Naiise will pick 10 items from and share with everyone what we like each month. Ranging from furniture, home accents, prints, stationery to food, our team picks will spoil you with all things beautiful and well designed. We like to stare and covet at all things beautiful and we hope you do too. 

1. AM 07077 by ALO Korea


The sun is too hot for us to handle and a pair of this chic shades will come in handy to rid the harmful UV rays everyday. Not to mention how cool we will look in these too!

2. Bad Ass Vase by Kult3D

Vases with such amazing artwork are totally up our alley. With or without flowers, this vase will make a great decor piece to dictate your style. 

3. Cartonado Table Lamp by Vicara

Anything cardboard has been catching our attention lately, especially after our latest pop-up store at Orchard Central where we used quite a bit of cardboard shelves to hold our products. This lamp is genius and we love how cute it looks our table!

4. Chevron Lazy Bean Bag by The Babybirds Family

This is way too adorable to resist. Designed to sit a kid, this beanbag is also adult-friendly. Perfect for small spaces, this beanbag will perk up your space with its funky chevron design without taking too much space. 

5. Cultural Compounds In Design Chart by Sumaya

Art and print lovers, this is one good print to hang on your wall. We have a lot of joy looking at every detail of this well drawn and thought out print. 

6. Custom Series: Cheeeese! Camera by Darkroom Army

Photography lovers, rangefinders do not need to always be in the classic black and silver look. Get this funky one from Darkroom Army and shoot like a pro still. 

7. Dae Ring by Stelliyah

We have also fallen in love with Stelliyah's new line of jewellery this month. Do you know these brass jewellery can shine forever with a little help from Brasso? Cues gasps. 

8. Newsboy Camo Deliver Bag by Brownbreath

Camo is still the hit for us and this tote is great for work, school or play. You can also attach the straps and sling. Yay to multifunctional bags!

9. No. 352 Leather & Cedar Signature Candle by Lumira

The luxury scent of this candle seduces us every time we take a sniff. Can you imagine unwinding after a long day back at home while this candle burns? 

10. Vintage Book Planter by The Wholesome Co

Plants, not silver fish, growing out of vintage dictionaries are nothing but amazing. If you need something green to look at after staring into your screen for long hours, this will be great piece for your desk. 

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