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5 Instagram Prop Ideas

We are not sure about you but a bulk of our day is spent on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Always inspired by the beauty of images as we scroll through our feeds, we always strive to create and post lust worthy photos and share them with everyone. While exploring and studying photos that we fancy on these platforms, we have found some sure-win props that you should include when you style your next Instagram photo. Here are 5 foolproof prop ideas that we have found!

1. Clean Background

Usually a white one is preferred. This helps to make your subjects pop in the photos in terms of colours and focus. Always remember: keep it simple, keep it clean. 

Credits: @sznifty

Credits: @thisisground

Credits: @naiise

2. Say It With Flowers

Plants are welcomed too. A touch of nature is always desirable for your photos. We have no explanation as to why flowers and plants became popular props for Instagram photos but we believed they paint your photos with colours and give your photos some form of life. They are very pretty to look at too!

Credits: @littleprojectsinstyle

Credits: @seaofknit 

Credits: @abbymade

3. The Magical Hand

Use your hand(s) as part of a prop for your photos. Hold your popsicles, postcards or any cool stuff you've got against the wall, floor or any clean background. And voila! A pretty Instagram-able pic! Plus, this gives you good enough a reason to get your nails done. 

Credits: @engnatalie

Credits: @naiise

Credits: @ozzyandlulu

4. Light Me Up

Lit or not, candles are good accents to your photos. Feel free to style your photos with other items you have at hand, be it a bag, books, jewellery etc., and you are on your way to snapping a tantalising photo. 

Credits: @ccatie

Credits: @kailechung

Credits: @naiise

5. Lay Them Fabrics Down

Tea towels, scarves or any scrap fabrics that are lying around - lay your food, cosmetics, gadget or any of your latest purchases on them fabrics. Patterned or plain, these fabrics will serve as a frame to direct eyeballs to what you want people to see. 

Credits: @naiise


Credits: @chockywoky

Credits: @formmaker

Now, go have fun and style your next Instagram photo! Share your next pretty image by tagging us (@naiise or #naiise) on Instagram in your next post. We are stoked to see what you have taken and will be awaiting your masterpiece. 

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