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Join us as we embark on a journey of Inspiring Creativity in a Glocalized World!

For the Love of Trees and Tutu Kuehs: A National Day Special by David Solzbacher

This Saturday, we celebrate our nation's 49th birthday! What better time to celebrate all things local and all homegrown makers? (:

We have invited three individuals from different walks of life to select their favourite locally made or designed items, and share with you what this country means to them.

This is David - a German / French graphic designer who grew up all over Europe and worked in the UK for a few years, before moving to Singapore 8 years ago. He's a Design Director at Elmwood Singapore, and he loves spending his free time doing illustration, ceramics and gardening. We asked this globetrotter what he loves most about Singapore; check out his curation here!

1. Tell us more about yourself and what you do please?

I'm a German/French graphic designer. I have been living and working in Singapore for the past 8 years. I work full time as a Design Director for an international brand design consultancy. A lot of my free time is spent doing illustration, gardening and ceramics.

2. You've travelled around the globe. But, what attracts you most to this country?

My arrival 8 years ago was not planned at all. I came on holidays with a Singaporean Uni friend i had met in the UK. During that time i worked in our local Singapore office for a week and the MD convinced me to come back full time! I love this city because it's so green. There are trees in almost every street! My balcony is covered in frangipani trees. Singapore has been ever changing - especially in the last couple of years there has been an exciting blossoming of the creative community here. Singapore feels like home now.

3. Three things you like, remember most, or will miss most about Singapore?

TuTu Kueh - I adore these little rice flour cakes!

The Greenery. I've always been amazed at how green Singapore is. Trees in all the streets, a beautiful botanical garden, one of the only two city's in the world with a slice of tropical rainforest in it's heart!

Kiasu-ness. Singaporeans have elevated the art of kiasu to the next level (for better and worse).

4. Thank you for curating this collection. How is design relevant to you / in your daily life?

I'm a graphic designer so i 'design' every day. 

5. Top pick from this collection, and why?

My top pick would be the TuTu Kueh eraser. These little rice cakes are so tasty, the shape is so simple yet beautiful. It's a real shame that they seem to be less and less readily available these days.

6. Lastly, if someone from home asks you about Singapore, how would you describe this country or its people?

Singapore is a beautiful tropical country going through an exciting transformation. It is slowly shedding it's safe, expected, bland image - replacing it with a fresh, exciting and creatively stimulating one where old conventions are challenged and new ideas can take root and evolve.

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