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15 Gifts That Look More Expensive Than They Actually Are

Christmas is definitely the season of giving, but for many of us, pockets are getting really tight this year. We know you would love to get every friend a gift but $$$. 

So here's a handy gift guide that you can use. We scoured through our store and fish out some really good deals. Here are 15 amazing gifts that actually look more expensive than they are!


1. Handcrafted Soap Pack, La Chinata, $15.95

Handcrafted in Spain, this soap pack makes a great gift for your beauty-loving friend. Packed with loads of extra virgin olive oil, these soap bars can help to moisturise and regenerate your skin, making it smoother because we doesn't want smoother skin?


2. Gameboy Lunchbox, DONKEY, $14.90

We all have that one geeky friend who is crazy about games. Not only can you use this as a lunchbox, you can also use this to store your belongings. Versatile and cute!


3. Classic Candle - Mango & Papaya, Circa Home, $39.90

Folks who have been collecting candles, you will know that a good 260g candle can easily cost you quite a bomb. But this baby from Circa Home is not even $50. A really good deal, we say!


4. Grace Earrings, GUNG Jewellery, $39]

Designed in Malaysia, GUNG Jewellery has created affordable elegant brass jewellery, making it appropriate for formal events and cool enough for casual days. 


5. Ronnie The Rabbit, TAF Toys, $16.90

Here's something for the little ones! Introduce them to the joys of simple pleasures in life. Encourage them to reach out to this rattle toy, chew, and grab this rattle toy when you hook them to the pram. 


6. Copper Nesting Trays - Set of 3, Comme Home, $36.90

One of our favourites this Christmas, this set of 3 copper nesting trays from Comme Home is not only practical, it is also super pretty on its own. And we thought it would be really pricey, but hey! Such a steal.


7. Aurore Mint Pom Pom Pencil Case, Ooh La La!, $9.90

With such adorable illustrations and splendid choice of colours, this pencil case is easily one of the gifts that you can impress your friends with. 


8. BooksActually's Gold Standard 2016, Math Paper Press, $22

One of the most valuable gifts that one can give is the gift of knowledge and perspective. And this annual anthology from BooksActually comprises of short fiction by the best cult writers of East Asia, Southeast Asia and the diaspora. Definitely a great choice of Christmas gift for your literature-loving friend. 


9. Egg Socks, The Sock Avenue, $6.90

Because who doesn't need a pair of adorable and bold socks?


10. 2017 Desk Calendar, Actspressions, $17.90

This reminds us that the year ahead will be a better one (we strongly believe so!) and you definitely need to share this positivity with your loved ones!


11. Black Weekly Planner Notepad, Dear Maison, $15.90

Speaking of a better year ahead, prep yourself for school/work with this desktop and get your to-dos in check.


12. American Classics Hotdog Plush Toy, P.L.A.Y., $18

Our furry friends sure deserve something awesome this Christmas! We won't tell if you actually want to keep this for yourself. Too cute!


13. Huat Cube, The Shiok Collective, $16.10

For your mahjong-loving friends, this rubik's cube will get their focus diverted without giving up on their passion entirely. 


14. A Wise Man Travels - Reusable Tumbler With Flip Cap, CREME&NOIR, $12.85

Indeed, a wise man travels. Inject the joy of wanderlust to your loved ones with this tumbler!


15. Brass Pen - Basic Square, Limiteria, $42.70

Be it for a writer, a businessman, or just someone who loves stationery generally, this sleek and sexy brass pen will definitely make an impression and its beauty will grow on you for sure. 


At the end of the day, it doesn't matter how much your gift is. You know what they say:, it's the thought that counts. And we believe in that too. :)


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