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The Design Supermarket at Orchard Central (31 Jul - 20 Aug)

If you have followed us closely on our various social media platforms, you must have seen mentions and sneak peeks of what's coming your way this 31 July. 

Jeng jeng! We will be launching our third, and by far the largest, pop-up store, The Design Supermarket, this August at Orchard Central! This pop-up store will look and feel like a supermarket, with custom cardboard structures created by our homegrown cardboard architecture firm Paper Carpenter and complemented with gorgeous d-Bodhi teak furniture from our furniture partner Journey East. In celebration of National Day, we'll also devote 80% of our retail space to local designs. 

We are pretty psyched about it and would definitely want to see all of you there, getting your design fix at our supermarket. Oh, did we also mention you get to shop with baskets and trolleys, just like how you would at the supermarket? Don't worry, you don't need to use $1 coin for using the trolley! 

For more information, check out our event page here.

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