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Calm The Fri Down Playlist II

It's been a really hectic but exciting week here at Naiise's headquarters (yes, we just shifted to our new office!) with all the stocktaking and preparation for our next pop-up store (more on that later). We try to calm ourselves every now and then with some cool tracks that we have newly discovered.

For those of you who need some soothing tunes to unwind to, LA's artiste, tomemitsu, has got a haunting number, In Dreams, that will surround and embrace you with a layer of serenity, albeit a little morose. Lover Lover's Freebirds will make you want to dance freely when the sun is setting (we might have done our little own routine to this track, haha!). If you are getting for a big fancy party with new and old friends tonight, put Years & Years' Real on and get yourself all hyped for the night. 

We just hope wherever you will be do tonight, have a great Friday and welcome the weekend with wide open arms!

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