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We Made It - Naiise’s Founder Says Thank You

5,000 Products Sold - Yes, We Did It!

Today marks an important and humbling milestone for Naiise. What began as a journey on my own became a business that is built by customers, community, designers, followers, makers and my very passionate team of staff - all of whom I can’t thank enough. 


Naiise was created to help people better their lives with design. As a platform, its main goal is to make design accessible, providing a place where people, like you and I, can discover a wide variety of interesting and functional designs to live with everyday. I am happy and convinced that all 5,000 products we’ve sold have gone a long way in putting smiles on people’s faces and bettering their lives.

Additionally, I see Naiise as place where we could help our local designers, suppliers and makers gain greater market awareness, both locally and internationally. Naiise is not only a tool that could help them streamline their work processes and gain more followers, it is also a site that I believe can help people develop their passion for craft and design, turning that into a sustainable livelihood.

How Far We’ve Come And What We Still Need To Work On

In January 2013, Naiise launched with just 20 brands and only a small presence of Facebook. Today, we proudly represent almost 250 different brands and more than 4,500 different products from Singapore and across the globe. 

In addition, we have successfully held two pop-up stores this year, all of which were done to help others discover design in a meaningful and memorable way. Though each pop-up entails much hard work and sweat, it was an exciting and pleasant opportunity for me and my team to meet and chat with our customers and supporters who came to the store, and work closely with our suppliers, designers and community to help everyone understand the products and brands we carry at Naiise. Each pop-up store was well-attended and has helped us reach our goals of making design accessible for everyone, for everyday. 

One of our biggest challenges to date is to constantly find ways to fine-tune our site, making your online shopping experience a better one. We hope that in time, we can carry greater products and have a even better website to help you effortlessly discover the wonders design can make on your daily lifestyles. 


Being an entirely bootstrapped business, expanding like crazy was never an option. I started and ran the business by myself for the first 11 months, and it was only in April when we realised that we now had the resources to expand our team. It was one of the best moments of running Naiise.

Advertising our job positions mostly through social media, we met lots of great and energetic people, passionate about design and about growing Naiise. Today, we have a total of 9 people on team, working tirelessly almost around the clock to service our growing orders. While we work hard, we never forget to inject fun into what we do everyday. All of us are driven with the same goals and passions to help others live meaningfully with design

It’s a team that is built on beliefs that we all share:

  • Work hard and be nice to people
  • Design better people’s lives (and this should resonate in the products we sell)
  • Be relevant and simple
  • Innovate because we are purely bootstrapped
  • Never stop learning 
  • Do what you love
  • Everything we do, sell and create, should be nice. 
  • Focus on all things Naiise
  • Celebrate challenges as they help us learn, and be humble when we overcome them.

This is a team I’ve grown to love very much. With them, I hope we can make Naiise a better place for everyone.

Thank You, You Naiise Folks!

Our significant milestones this year wouldn’t have been possible without you - our customers, partners, suppliers and community. It is exactly this, that my team and I, would sincerely like to thank everyone for being a part of Naiise. Like I always tell my team, “sharing is caring”. Naiise would not have been possible without each and every one of you sharing and spreading all the good words about us and the products we carry. We can’t say enough thanks and we hope you will still stick around and continue on this exciting journey with us! 


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