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5 Essential Utilitarian Accessories To Own

Over here at the Naiise Headquarters, we have been obsessed with and excited about our new found love for utilitarian statement accessories. We just can't stop talking about it - be it in between our work meetings or even late at night in our Whatsapp chat group. It's getting very overwhelming and we thought we should share and spread this love with you (hopefully, you will hop on the utilitarian bandwagon too!).

Photo Credit: Gnome & Bow

The utilitarian trend is typically associated with military wear, which places primary emphasis on functionality and practicality. Fashion designers pick this up and fuse the element of style with the primary purpose of the products' designs, making these pieces covet-worthy for both ladies and gentlemen. Utilitarian bags and wallets match well with various types of getups while providing you with the functionalities and style that you need, making it extremely versatile and worthy of every penny you spend. Naiise has conquered the miles and brought these brilliant and drool-worthy multifunctional bags and wallet closer to you. Here are our top 5 picks to kick start your collection!

The Traveller Mod, S$329 (Sale till 13 Jul: S$296.91), This is Ground  

Cypress Backpack, S$415, Gnome & Bow

Take Out Long Wallet, S$179, Bellroy

The Basic Felt V.2 Smart Pouch, S$59, Indigo Co.

Durable Sleeve For iPhone 4/5/5S, S$99, DODOcase

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