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Top Picks For The Superhero Dad

Jun 06 2014

... okay, maybe not reaaaally a superhero. In the eyes of his children, Kelvin Ang, daddy blogger at Cheekiemonkies, is a superman; though Kelvin himself thinks otherwise. Nonetheless, if you mess with any of his three kids, he will bite. Very hard.

A financial planner by day, but a blogger by night, Kelvin journalises his experience in fatherhood with absolute candour and great humour. One of the 36 things he has learnt since becoming a dad is that "children are like Spongebob Squarepants" (or just sponges, actually), because whatever you say or do, "it gets stuck in their growing brains".

Naiise invited Kelvin to curate a collection for daddies like himself in celebration of Fathers' Day! Hop on over here to view what makes a superdad tick, or scroll down to read more of Kelvin's witty words.

1. How did Cheekiemonkies come about?

When my eldest son Ash was born in the year of the Monkey, my wife was actually the one who started the blog as a means to document the growing years of our children. When she went back to work after her maternity leave ended, I took over the reins and have been chronicling my Fatherhood journey ever since then. Now you know who is the one with all the free time!

2. Tell us more about what you really do?

I am a Financial Planner by day, and moonlight as a Daddy Blogger by night. Over the years, our blog has slowly evolved to one which serve to share kids-related ideas and activities with fellow parents. I have often heard how some parents lament that Singapore is boring for kids, and that they are unable to think of any kids-friendly activities or places to go to whenever the weekend rolls by. Really? Actually, there are tons of stuff to do and go in Singapore, if you know where to look. And that's where the sharing through my blog comes in. So hopefully, we are able to inspire other parents to embark on an exploring and bonding journey with their kids too.

3. Thank you for curating this collection. How does this collection reflect your personality and style?

The thing that people can expect when they visit my blog is honesty, humour, with a dash of sarcasm and a lot of reality. Most importantly, I would like to believe that my blog entries add value to the lives of the many parents who visit my blog. So similarly, I hope that the collection I have curated will add colour and fun into their lives.

4. Top 3 picks from the collection, and why?

Special 3 Set Dialect Books: With today's kids struggling to even master Mandarin, dialects are in serious danger of losing their roots in Singapore. These books really bring out the fun in dialects, and are a must-have for every Singapore parent!

Danger - Keep Out T-Shirt: A simple sign that all of us are familiar with growing up. I foresee this tee bringing a smile to anyone who sees it.

Nyonya Kueh Sticky Notes: What can I say? This is one piece of ingenious work! Looks good enough to eat, and it probably will make me crave for the real thing too.

5. Give us a sneak peek into what fatherhood for you is like please?

Sure, life does change after children but I have found that the extent of that change is partly in your hands. Because quite simply, there are so many milestones that make your heart swell with an equal mixture of pride, love and joy.

The first time they grab your finger, smile at you, walk, talk, say “I love you,” write out their name, go to school, sing the alphabet, use the potty... If you had told me before the birth of my children that I would willingly change clothes for Barbie, or serve tea to Hello Kitty, Dora and my daughter, I would have laughed and then done something manly, like flex my one-pack tummy. The thing is, when your child looks at you with loving eyes and asks you to do something like that, the word “yes” comes out before you even realize what is happening. The other awesome thing is that it is not at all emasculating, and is surprisingly quite enjoyable.

6. Happy Fathers' Day in advance to you! What is your greatest wish on this special occasion?

It may sound cliche, but my wish is just to have everyone in my family healthy and happy together, always.



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