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6 DIY Cable Drum Projects | Tips & Where To Get Cable Drums

Upcycling is always a welcome project at Naiise. As a company, we believe in sustainable living, recycling things we have salvaged and making into other things of greater use such as furniture or decor pieces. It's also a lot of fun to gather friends around for a round of DIY work!

While we are still indulging in our pallet craze, we have found a new love for cable drums, or also commonly known as cable spools, which we stumbled upon while setting up our new pop-up store in the heart of an industrial estate in Jalan Besar (stay tuned for more!) Commonly used to spool industrial cables, these cable drums come in various sizes, allowing you to work your creativity and spin them into something cool for your space.

While brainstorming for ways to turn our salvaged cable drums into a cool display piece for our store, we came across 6 cool DIY ideas that you might love. No matter what theme your home or office is, there's always a creative way to transform these industrial cable drums into something for your space.

Where to Get Cable Drums in Singapore

Lian Huat Packaging (S) Manufacturer
Sungei Kadut Industrial Estate
(S) 728868
Tel: 62693159

Heng Kiat Trading & Services
85 Genting Lane #02-02
Guan Hua Warehouse Building
(S) 349569

Handy Tips Before You Start

  • Sand off the rough edges and splinters to ensure surface is smooth for painting
  • Remove protruding nails to make it safe for your home or office, and for the little ones running around
  • Apply undercoat to your cable drums before you paint them with your favourite colour to ensure a smoother and accurate final colouring

6 DIY Cable Drum Projects For Your Home

1. Cable Spool Dining Table 

Credits: My Sweet Savannah


2. Electrical Spool Stools  

Credits: The Lovely Cupboard


3. Cable Drum Table 

Credits: Mommo-Design


4. Moon Crib

Credits: Home Dzine


5. Crockery Storage/Display Shelves 

Credits: Sommerwhite



6. Cable Spool Rocking Chair

Credits: The Whoot


Check out OUR cable drum!

It took 2 people to roll this massive cable drum down King George's Avenue (at least 5 blocks!) to our new home at 115 King George's Avenue. We found it lying by the roadside. Of course, rolling it in the middle of a busy industrial estate draws its fair share of attention - someone asked if we were putting on a performance. We sanded it, pulled out nails, hammered loose bits in, and gave it a new coat of paint. Now, it sits proudly in the middle of our retail space as our centrepiece. 

Our pop up store will be open from this Saturday, so see you there! Sign up for our newsletter here to receive updates on our workshops and other events happening at the space, as well as directions on how to get there. We can't wait to see you!! :)

Naiise Pop-Up Store

Happening at

115 King George's Avenue, Jalan Besar
Open daily 12-7pm
24 May to 22 June


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Mike - February 25, 2016

Hi there,

I’m interested to get the cable drum, i’ve called the first supplier but they said they dont have, and the second contact number are not in use.. any idea where else can i get that?

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