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Join us as we embark on a journey of Inspiring Creativity in a Glocalized World!

Say Hello to Pooja - Multitalented Freelance Creative from New York

Talk about an all-rounded multitalented creative professional! Meet Pooja - a freelance writer, editor, educational consultant, book artist as well as a mother of a young child. Having moved to Singapore from New York in 2010 to "discover the soul of another great city", she journalizes her adventure in learning more about the history, culture and artistic community of this sunny island at her blog notabilia.

We fell in love with her unfettered passion for the arts - literature, independent design, art, and all things pretty - and thus invited this inspiring and high-achieving lady to curate a collection for us. Read on to find out more about Pooja and her passions, or click here to browse through her curation. 


1. Tell us more about notabilia; how did the website come about?

I moved to Singapore from New York City in 2010. notabilia began as a chronicle of my adventure to learn some history, be inspired by pretty things, meet creative people, and make this little island home for a while.

2. What is an average day in your life like?

There is no average! I'm not only a freelance writer and editor, an educational consultant, and book artist, but the parent of a young child. I devote my mornings and evenings to my daughter, put in a few hours of work while she naps in the afternoon, conduct meetings and phone calls while she in in play school, and stay up well past midnight to do more work!

3. Thank you for curating this collection. What does design mean to you?

Well-designed goods are made by someone I respect and admire, remind me of a person, place, or time that means something to me, or make my life better in a functional or practical way.

4. How may design be relevant to children too?

I think it is important for children to not see "design" just as something to be consumed. "Design" is not a list of things to buy; design is an appreciation of what one can do with one's own two hands.

5. Top three picks from this collection?

Everyday Canvas Bag Design 2 - I need a roomy, stylish bag to shlep from a coffee meeting with a client to a playdate at our favorite playground.

Textured Bands - Seaweed - I don't wear much jewelry, but I've been a fan of My Vintage Jewel Box for years. Lauryn is an incredible craftswoman.

Almost Perfect Coconut Gula Melaka Granola - When I'm on the run -- from school drop off to a art supply-buying binge -- I need a high-protein (and sweet!) snack to keep me moving. Coconut and gula melaka? Sold!

6. What can we look forward to from notabilia in the year ahead?

The blog will continue to document this very personal journey, of art and creativity and discovery.

7. Your greatest philosophy / goal in life is...?

To be a giving and loving artist and parent!

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