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Committed To Small-Scale Handmade Production - Naiise Conversations With Fictive Fingers

Founded by sisters duo Hani and Aisah Dalduri, Fictive Fingers is a growing Singapore-bsed brand that remains committed to small-scale production and keeping products made by hand its core. Its products feature distinctive designs originated from drawings on paper that are  expressive but unobtrusive.

We invited the sisters to curate a list of their favourite items on Naiise, and speak to them about their new ideas and passion for learning, teaching and connecting with people from all over the world through their creations. Read more about Fictive Fingers here.

1) Tell us more about yourself and Fictive Fingers?

We are sisters who share similar interests from sugary indulgence to design philosophy. We both have a self-sufficient approach to understanding why and how things are made so we are the sort of people who would walk into a store and look at the product info first to find out what sort of materials are used and where they are from. We believe in the importance of knowing what we are buying and who we are buying from so Fictive Fingers is our way of playing a small role in changing the consumer culture. What began as a small operation based out of our home studio is now a growing brand that remains committed to small-scale production and keeping products made by hand our core. We specialise in hand printed textiles which are then made into products for everyday wear.

2) 3 Things you love and hate about your 'job'?

Love: Lots of self-discovery; Meeting and collaborating with different people who are passionate with their work; Being able to share our passion with people from all walks of life

Dislike: Not being able to control how our products are delivered to our customers. The postage system drives us crazy!; It's based at home so it's tough getting a proper rest away from work; Not having a fixed schedule because opportunities and setbacks come at any time

3) What is it like being a designer in Singapore?

The best thing about it is how we are not forced to conform to an image or identity. For example, Scandinavian designs are deeply rooted to their heritage and usually comprise of clean lines, nature and have a distinctive minimalistic style. Singapore is a melting pot of cultures, traditions and ways of life that we each have our own a story to tell. Despite its limitations, being a designer in Singapore presents us the freedom to stay true ourselves and create what represents us as individuals rather than a designer of a specific geographical location.

4) Describe an average day in your life.

There isn't quite an average day ever since we chose to do Fictive Fingers full-time. One week could be filled with meet-ups, sourcing for materials and conducting workshops and another week could be focused on research and designing in the studio.

5) Thank you for curating this collection. How does it reflect your personal style?

We love things that are designed and created with nature and history in mind but also playful with colours so we try to infuse these into our daily life and style.

6) Top 3 picks from the collection?

Amai Cups, Daryl Trolley and KOMONO Wizard Print Expressionist Watch.

7) How is design relevant to your everyday life?

We have this notion that if we find ourselves complaining about something and think that we can offer a better solution, we'll do it. Our popular pouches and bags for instance may look simple but they are actually designed based on our daily experience with other products we own. Some of them are pretty but don't hold our things well or their stitches and materials don't last so we set out to create something better. With that being said, everything we create is well thought of and inspired by our everyday life to ensure that we have a collection of products that we will not only use but are incredibly proud of.

8) What can we look forward to from you in the year ahead?

We are currently setting up a space incorporating a retail corner, working studio that can be converted into a communal area for events and workshops as well as a take-away bakery by our friends from And All Things Delicious. We open in May so we look forward to seeing you there!

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