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Visual Storyteller Steph Shares About Inspiring Young Explorers, And Her Top Mothers' Day Picks

Steph is a lifestyle photographer who is passionate about telling stories about real people through evocative visuals, and shares her works at Steph Tan Photography. She is also a proud mother of two little girls, with whom she often discovers more about the world.

A firm believer of inspiring young explorers, Steph enjoys engaging with her children through imaginative play - seeking new adventures and endless possibilities, and peeking through the veils of the seemingly mundane. She blogs about her little angels, adventures and travels at roo+red blog.

We invited Steph to curate a list of Mothers' Day gift ideas for imaginative, boundary-pushing moms just like her, and spend some time chatting with her and finding out more about her inspirations & motivations in life.

1. How did your blog come about?

When we relocated to Kuala Lumpur, I wanted to capture memories of my daughter growing up, as well as showcase what we love about our new host country. With the addition of our second little one, Roo+Red blog became my photo journal about my adventures with the little ones, stuff (usually about the kids) that make me extremely proud, and my own travel memories. It started an internal revolution for me as well, as this humble blog allowed my love for photography to grow into a business.

2. Tell us more about yourself and what you really do?

I am a curious person, a mother, and a visual storyteller. I explore aspects of myself and the world around me, in the hopes of growing into a decent human being. I support my children as they go about their own explorations, in hopes that I will inspire them to be pretty decent too. Finally, I co-create timeless photographic memories for clients entrust me with their a part of their lives and the stories they wish to remember.

3. Thank you for curating the Mothers' Day collection for Naiise. How does it reflect your style and personality?

Thanks for choosing me to be among your curators -- honored to be part of this. Between pretty and purpose, I tend to go 80% of the time for purpose -- so the items I've selected really reflect things we can use for the type of activities I think will help feed my children's curiosities about their immediate environment, the world, and beyond. I'm not sure if it's really a style, but I love meaningful playtime with the little ones. :)

4. Top 3 picks from the collection, and why?

a) Young Scientist Play Badges, b) Pharmacy Jar, c. Holstee Constellation Poster

These are my favorites of the set, because I can imagine my little ones loving these and using them in everyday play. Not also that, but it also helps me in my objective to get them curious to go out and do something -- like experimenting on household things, looking at the stars, or gathering little odd things from the park or the beach for later use.

5. Most rewarding moment(s) of motherhood thus far?

Seeing my little ones being kind and patient with other kids, and the many little ways they look out for each other in everyday play. Oh, and when they squeal "experiment" and "science" with so much excitement, you'd think they were talking about magic. I have my whole blog dedicated to sharing how they've made motherhood such a wonderful journey for me. :)

6. My greatest wish this Mothers' Day is...?

For the many underprivileged kids to have similar opportunities as my little ones, both in terms of education as well as in everyday play.  

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