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For The Love Of Words & Type, Curated By 'Wordsmith Wannabe', Yann

A self-professed ‘wordsmith wannabe’, Yann is a mother of one (and soon to be two, with a little one on the way!) She shares with great candor about her journeys in life as a mom, a Communications lecturer, and an aspiring writer, over at her beautifully honest blog yannisms.

With a great love for design and all things beautiful, she curated this Mothers' Day collection for moms like her who adore the finer things in life – the rhythm of the written word, the elegance of typography, the allure of music and photography, and the simple charm of a child’s hugs and kisses. Read more about Yann here.

1. How did your blog come about?

Ever since I was a kid, the written word has been something that is a part of me and who I am. I was left alone quite a fair bit in my childhood, and writing became a way for me express myself and to clarify the chaos in my mind – I have plenty of tacky pink locked diaries and Earthzone notebooks to show for it! When I discovered this marvelous thing called blogging in 2003 or so, it felt like the perfect platform for me to write. My blog went through a few iterations before it became what it is today: a trove of my thoughts and the memorable moments in my life.

2. Tell us more about yourself and what you really do?

Some of my friends have called me eclectic, others have termed me quirky. I’m hoping that both are compliments! I love all things beautiful, which is my downfall because it means I have an insatiable need to buy beautiful stuff. I love typography and photography and movies and music. I’m a lousy dancer. In my fantasy life, I would be a Kinfolk writer who lives by the beach. In real life, I am an educator at a tertiary institution, moulding young minds and teaching them to write and take pictures.

3. Thank you for curating the Mothers' Day collection for Naiise.How does it reflect your style and personality?

I appreciate design in all aspects of my life, be it in my furniture or serveware or outfit. Everything that I have selected is something that I would love, LOVE to buy (I can so picture my husband rolling his eyes now). It’s a nice mix of clean lines, vintage-esque pieces and quirky fun – which is what my wardrobe is like!

4. Top 3 picks from the collection, and why?

I love the Aide de Camp range of camera bags, in particular the Rei Camera bag. I love its shape – my favourite “granny bag” style – and the fact that it doesn’t look like a camera bag at all.The HDB series of tableware gets my vote because it’s a slice of Singaporean life done in a very classy and interesting way. Plus, I am a total softie when it comes to serveware – I like to eat off beautiful plates.The Daryl Trolley is my favourite though – because it is such a cool blend of vintage and industrial! I can just picture it in my home, sitting below my chalkboard and housing vases of flowers, my coffee table books and our collection of old Apple products.

5. Most rewarding moment(s) of motherhood thus far?

Oh so tough to pick one! I would say everyday is rewarding, as clichéd as it sounds. Obviously there are moments when you feel like tearing your hair out, like when the kid is waking up every X hours or throwing the mother of all tantrums. But then, he is also full of joy everyday and he gives you the sweetest hugs and the biggest kisses. And that makes all the sucky bits worthwhile.

6. My greatest wish this Mothers' Day is...?

For my son to sleep through the night - for the rest of his life!

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