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Join us as we embark on a journey of Inspiring Creativity in a Glocalized World!

10 Reasons Why Corporate Gifting Can Be Fun, While Supporting Our Local Makers

Now let's be honest - when was the last time a corporate gift made you smile, as a recipient? Or for the gifters - when was the last time you were excited about despatching the items, and expecting a big thank you call or email from your clients or partners?

Corporate gifts have revolved around a bland and standard eke of USB drives, power banks, mugs and cardholders. Let's turn it all around now, to make corporate gifting more personal and memorable.

Showcase your organisation's unique heritage and culture by selecting items that are designed and made from the area you are based in, or reiterate your firm's commitment to the environment by selecting something that is sustainably and locally made. Go beyond the tested boundaries and get creative with a product that will stand out and leave a lasting impression on your clients and partners.

We trawl the world wide web for cool corporate gift ideas, and round this up with our top 10 picks of local designs that won't break the bank, but will pleasantly surprise your clients.

Cool Corporate Gift Ideas

Lucky Sleep Pillowcase: Auspiciously embroidered pillowcases. Sweet dreams are made on these. (Credit: Mission Hall)

Wine Packaging Cum Lamp. A sleek wine box which converts into a table lamp with no extra parts required. The packaging is made with sustainably-sourced wood and recycled cardboard. Inside is a locally and ecologically produced bottle of sparkling wine. (Credit: Inhabitat)

Brainstorming Kit. This brainstorming package is intended for creative ad agencies and design firms. Consist of 2 coffee mugs, 2 notebooks, 2 pencils, 2 coasters and filter coffee. (Credit: Design Inhabit)


Customised Maple Syrup. Graphic design company Northink sent gifts of maple syrup (the company is based in Canada) with custom designed labels. Finding an item that speaks to your area not only brands your gift but also shares a bit of your local culture. (Credit: Visual Marketing Book)

Pen Holder. Hand carved and printed pen holders from Vietnam. (Credits: International IFCM)

Our Top 10: Unique, Locally-Designed Gifts That Make Corporate Gifting Fun

1. GSH Conserves' Passionfruit Jam

Nothing says "Thank you" better with a handcrafted Passionfruit jam, made from our best local produce. Great for your clients tea breaks, and also a great way to bring tropical fruit jams straight to the stomachs of your overseas partners. GSH Conserves is also able to customise the packaging to include your own personalised message. 

2. FARM's Singlish Perpetual Calendar

A calendar that never expires? Not only is FARM's Singlish Perpetual Calendar practical, the daily permutations of Singlish swear words and phrases will tickle your clients perpetually. A daring choice, we admit, but certainly one that will make your gift stand out from others!

3. JConcetto's Orange Leather Bifold Cardholder


Support your local leather crafters with this elegant and useful leather cardholder designed and handmade in Singapore. An elegant choice for more conservative industries. You can also choose to have your company name and logo embossed on the leather, or include your corporate colours in the stitching as a subtle brand message.

4. a.muse project's Wine Inspired Tea Gift Set

Blended by home-grown tea specialist a.muse projects, these tea blends evoke the same sensory flavours of their alcoholic counterparts, but without that afternoon hangover. It's a perfect drink for your clients to indulge in the afternoon and still make it into a meeting clear-headed.

5. The Edible Co's Coconut & Gula Melaka Granola

Nothing says 'caring for your clients' interests' more than ensuring that they begin their day with a hearty, healthy meal. The Edible Co's Coconut & Gula Melaka contains zero preservatives and are healthy for the heart, and  draws inspiration from local flavours like coconut and gula melaka. Get even more creative, and put together a one-year granola supply with different flavours and a monthly granola drop at your clients' offices!

6. LOVE SG's I LOVE SG Luggage Tag

Show some love for SG with this I <3 SG luggage tag. Locally-designed, practical and boasting a very friendly price tag, this makes a great souvenir for your overseas partners and clients whenever you travel. This was recently ordered in bulk by a local law firm for their overseas business partners.

7. Lee Xin Li's Kueh Compendium Prints


This print by local illustrator, Lee Xin Li, features a gobsmacking number of kuehs from Singapore and the region, all rendered in astonishing detail. Available from A3 upwards, this makes a unique gift for your clients that they can frame and display in their office pantry or cubicle for some food, nostalgic fun. 

8. FARM's Singlish Notebook


Instead of a generic notebook with your company logo on it, why not send a Singlish notebook to your clients? Guaranteed to draw chuckles from around the office. A major international oil company recently purchased some of these as a tongue-in-cheek gift for their customers. We thought it was awesome!

9. Epigram Books' I Am Not Kan Chiong Notebook

A cheeky gift for your 'on the ball' clients. This Kan Chiong notebook will resonate with your local clients and draw laughs from around the office. What better way than to ensure that your customers and clients remember you (and your sense of humour)?

10. FARM's Mooncake Paper Weight

This mooncake paper weight is a practical and fun alternative for your annual moon cake gifting exercise. It also never goes bad, and can be used for months to come. With its beautiful life-like mooncake packaging box, it's also a great  gift idea for your overseas clients, when sending real moon cakes is logistically trickier :)

Click here for more corporate gift ideas from Naiise. Alternatively, feel free to email us at [email protected] to find out more about bulk order discounts and customisation services.

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