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NYLON Editor, Adele, Curates For Naiise

This month, we invited six different personalities from six diverse creative industries to speak about design, and select their top design picks from Naiise which reflect their creative pursuits, lifestyle and relationship with design.

We kick off with Adele, editor of NYLON Singapore, a magazine we've always loved for its great content and awesome giveaways. Adele curates a short but snappy list of cleverly-designed things to jazz up the office with. Read more about Adele, loves and peeves about working in the magazine industry and her top picks.

1) Tell us more about yourself and how you became an editor?

I actually started out in television at MediaCorp more than 10 years ago and stumbled into print publications by chance. A friend saw an opening in a magazine and suggested I try out for fun, and over the years I just learned as much as I could from everyone around me. Eventually developed my own style and love for fashion and beauty. And obviously it takes years to become an Editor. It’s more than just writing and “editing”; there’s a lot of strategic planning involved from a business angle.

2) 3 things you love and hate about your job?

LOVE: 1. I get to see the latest collections in my inbox before the rest of the world does. 2. I can be creative with paper (we did a playing cards creative for H&M and a cut-out creative for Shiseido), and I get to talk to our readers through our social media and digital channels.3. I meet so many kinds of people on a daily basis in the course of my work, which is eye-opening, humbling and exciting.

HATE: 1. Seeing so many nice new things is a burden on my wallet. 2. When I don’t get information I need to file the story - be it pricing and availability info, or high resolution images for print. 3. Attending events unnecessarily.

3) How is design relevant to your everyday life?

I believe that with everything, there must be form and function. Everyone lives and breathes design, whether they realise it or not. But design is particularly important to me because I like living a beautiful life and seeing cleverly and well-designed things.

4) Favorite designers and sources of inspiration?

Maison Martin Margiela - he’s very intelligent. Hedi Slimane - he’s done a rockin’ job for Saint Laurent. I want to buy everything he has designed for the brand. Chanel - it’s genius how the brand has made itself relevant to every generation of woman. Today, everyone wants a piece of Chanel.

5) Thank you for curating this collection. How does it reflect your personal style?

I need things that serve a specific purpose (or more if possible). I do like pared-down, classic designs with an industrial edge. These are things that I would use in my office:

6) Top 3 picks from the collection?

Classic Linus roadster, Roadie 2-Door Sideboard, Vesuvius Bean Bag

7) What can we look forward to from you in the year ahead?

I want to give back to the readers. So lots more contest giveaways and opportunities for our readers to get involved with the magazine and it’s content and direction. I hope for the magazine to adopt a charity as well now that we’ve settled down after 2 years.

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