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Naiise Conversations With Guest Curator Christabel Chua

Travelling holds a lot of excitement, and a lot of waiting. Waiting for planes, trains and buses, or simply waiting to get around and discover more - whether on foot or by car. During those long hours of waiting, or doing nothing, it's important to be comfortable, to have something to scribble on.

We invited the vivacious Christabel, a blogger who shuttles between Perth and Singapore, to select a laundry list of things that will keep you comfortable and occupied on that transit or road trip. Read more about Christabel, her favourite vacation spots and why she thinks design is important.

1) Tell us more about yourself, and how did your blog come about?

I'm Christabel, I've recently graduated from studying abroad in Perth, Western Australia for close to 4 years. My blog started out as a space for me to document my experiences and memories. An outlet to express myself through words. It has slowly evolved into a blog that talks about travel, beauty and a space to document my outfits as well.

2) Thank you for curating this travel collection for Naiise. How do the products reflect your own style?

The products I've chosen are items similar to those I would take with me on roadtrips, transits and whenever I'm out and about. This travel collection comprises of items which are very practical and definitely MUST HAVES when you're travelling. Comfort and practicality are the most important factors considered as I was curating this.

3) Top 3 picks from the collection, and why?

WEMUG Bagpack Large - I would love to have a bag big enough to fit my necessities, toiletries, laptop and other nitty gritties. KOMONO Magnus Watch - Because time is of the essence and it's very easy to lose track of time. A watch is a must. WeMUG Travel Wallet - To fit all travel documents, have them bundled up and not all over the place.

4) Best vacation spot you've been too?

Kalbarri, Western Australia - I'm in love with the outback and roadtripping. Kalbarri has exciting land and ocean adventures, I wished I could have stayed longer. It's the best vacation spot because I got to head to the sea ( seeing sharks, dolphins, whales), ride horses all day ( even through the rivers), trek through the mountains to the limestone cliffs and more. Everything beautiful and exciting in one place.

5) Most inspirational city/place for design?

Europe. Because of the architecture and history. Europe as a whole is simply magical.

6) Why is design important to you?

It allows all of us to express ourselves freely. Sometimes in ways which surprises us.

7) Top 3 must-haves while travelling

My stuffed bunny, watch & comfy backpack.

8) What else can we look forward from you in the future?

I'm looking to travel more later this year: Hopefully exploring places closer to Singapore (Vietnam, Phillippines, Thailand)

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