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Naiise Conversations With Melissa,

All we see, is truly the sea. Born and bred islanders, we gravitate towards beach vacations like balm to soothe frazzled nerves. It's an entirely different rhythm altogether, with its own set designs - from nautical stripes to crisp whites and aqua tones that together scream "summer".

We invited Melissa from the lifestyle and fashion blog to curate beach-inspired things on Naiise that will fit perfectly into your budget airline-sized suitcase. Well, almost everything - except the bicycle! Read more about Melissa and her top picks from this collection.

1) Tell us more about yourself, and how did your blog come about?

Blogging was something I always wanted to do since I started traveling with my partner, but I was afraid. I knew I wasn't quite ready when I scrutinized every single negative outcome of starting a blog. So I began existence with Instagram first. Those 4 by 4 squares opened up a whole new world for me in terms of fashion inspiration and photography. But 4 by 4 was not big enough for me to express my views or share my experiences.

So it was a late-night decision of doing something more valuable with my knowledge and exposure to fashion along with my regular travels, that started Mticulous. So it began, and it became a great escape from my day job to dabble into women's wear again (I work for a men's title), pushing me to greater heights in expressing my personal style and also a great way to share my travel finds. Haven't looked back since.

2) Thank you for curating this travel collection for Naiise. How do the products reflect your own style?

I love seeing practical yet minimal designs infused together. I feel thats how things should be, simple, easy. Just how I like to spend my day at the beach.

3) Top 3 picks from the collection, and why?

gizmon-ica white Camera, everyday canvas bag and White casual shirt. Camera - I can't go on any vacation without a camera be it polaroid, compact or film, never. Pictures are so important to me, I love to collect moments that way. Canvas bag - Always handy to store my camera, beach towel, wallet, phone and knick knacks for a flatlay at the beach. White causal shirt - The perfect fuss-free cover up at the beach. The long sleeves help me protect my skin from further damage from the sun and also warmth after coming out of cold salt water.

4) Best beaches in the region?

I'm blessed to have traveled to some amazing beaches around Asia the pass 4 years. I recall when I first stepped out of the sea plane in Maldives, I was greeted with crystal clear turquoise waters and blinding white sandy beaches -it took awhile to sink in. Everyday I sat on an empty beach, staring out into the bluest horizon with no disruption of ships, boats, or my iPhone, only jumping dolphins. So far my favorites would be Lombok, Bali and Maldives, not forgeting Bintan! It's the perfect place for a quick weekend get away! But I hope some day to visit beaches in Capri, The French Polynesia and Australia.

5) Why is design important to you?

Simply put, without design, the world would be boring. Design brings life and meaning to ordinary objects. A notebook is a notebook, but can you imagine the possibilities it has with 'design'? Design challenges people's creativity and I've aways been intrigue by the story or thought process behind someones creation. It inspires me.

6) Your favourite designers?

Phoebe Philo. It's amazing how she strips women's wear to it's bare minimal the last few seasons. Her garments are fuss free yet harmoniously aesthetically pleasing down to the details. Ever since her reign she has altered the course of fashion steering it to a more classic way of dressing up.

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