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Naiise Conversations With Eileen, Peregrinate With Me

It started when we stumbled upon Eileen's article on "18 Reactions Singaporeans Get When We're Abroad" and it occurred to us how Singaporeans must be one of the best-travelled people in the world. Excellent connectivity and our proximity to great destinations in the region mean we all take vacations, sometimes many times a year.

Whether the plan is to lie languidly on the beach, or shop and eat in a bustling city, or scale the heights of adventure, there are things that you can take along with you, to make the trip more memorable, meaningful, comfortable or stylish. 

We invited six cool personalities to pick a list of things they would take along on their vacation, beginning with Eileen who curates "Into The Wild", a collection of beautiful, rustic-hued things she'd take on her Nat Geo inspired adventure trip. Read more about Eileen, and how design matters to her.

1) Who is Eileen and how did Peregrinate With Me begin?

People would say I am a disharmonic mix of restlessness and adventure craving, blended with optimism and curiosity. I also happen to love animals a lot. There’s this itch or need of wanting to always be out to discover, explore and learn. Apart from all that - I really am just your average girl. I started Peregrinate With Me because I wanted a platform to inform people first hand about my escapades, share my joy of travelling and hopefully to infect readers with my zealous attitude towards life.

2) Thank you for curating our travel series. How does this reflect your traveling style and personal tastes?

I have a soft spot for Mother Nature and all her creations and this is evident from my selections for this collection. You will see several of the items giving off the “Nat Geo” vibe. I’m drawn to simplicity hence the rustic, organic, and minimalistic designs. This is reflected to how I am when I step foot in a new place. I believe in travelling sustainably, and that entails not just conserving nature, but supporting local cultures while leaving a positive impact on the place.

3) Favorite picks from the collection?

I can imagine writing in the Rawhide Rhino African Fabric Notebook during my travels! Snapping pictures from the Fed 5 (Pantone Series Heritage Brown) Camera and cruising in the Classic Linus Roaster!

4) Top 3 must-haves while travelling?

- Smartphone. I know this may sound like a luxury and as much as we wish to disconnect when we travel, it’s hard to discredit the convenience of having one. I am able to go paperless and carry all my documents such as itinerary, boarding passes in a device (just don’t forget your travel adaptor and charger). I also rely on the language app that allows me to communicate with the locals easily. There’s also offline maps and XE currency app, which keeps me moving. I have written an article about useful travel apps, which can be read here.

- Sarong. A sarong is so versatile. You can wrap it around when you’re cold, shield yourself from the sun when it gets too hot, use it as a mat on the beach, a towel or turn it into a dress. For ladies, it can be handy when you visit temples!

- Trusty and comfortable pair of shoes. I tend to do a lot of walking on my travels (and steer on to off-beaten paths once in a while). Therefore I need proper footwear to take me to places. You don’t want to be worrying about sore feet when there’s so much to see!

5) How is design important to you, and how do you think our scene here compares internationally?

Design is very important and it plays a big role in my day job! I have a keen eye for designs that are both aesthetically pleasing and practically functional. I believe Singapore is in the forefront of innovative designs and close friends would know I am a huge fan of things ‘Made in Singapore’! I think all the local designers need now is continuous support from us to propel them into the international limelight.

6) What can we expect from you and Peregrinate this year?

I will be doing what I have been doing - carry on exploring new places (when I have saved enough!) and sharing them to you! There will be a couple of upcoming collaborations where I have the opportunity to be a guest writer. In terms of top destination for the year, I am split between Croatia and Iceland because both of them have amazing sights and sounds and it will quench my thirst for more adventures. Either way, they will be up on my blog when it happens, so stay tuned!

7) Best travelling tip?

Keep an open mind - travelling is all about seeing new things, learning new cultures and trying things that you’ve never thought about doing. Do not be afraid to embrace it with all your senses.

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