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Naiise Conversations With Vera, Naked Glory

With the increasing popularity of industrial-inspired interior design and new hipster cafes begging to be visited each weekend, we've always wanted to marry the two, and inspire people on how to incorporate their favourite cafe interior concepts into their own. By chance, we met fashion and lifestyle blogger Vera at NONG and invited her to curate a selection.

Check out her curation of ideas to turn your home into your favourite cafe, and read more about her thoughts on the bustling cafe scene in Singapore!

1) Tell us more about yourself and how Naked Glory began.

I'm Vera, essentially a simple girl who appreciates small, beautiful things in life. I'm very much drawn to fashion, but also constantly stimulated by other creative works, such as design, music and art. Naked Glory is a fashion and lifestyle blog, centered upon personal style and the curation of beautiful things. The name Naked Glory was born to communicate that everyone should not be afraid to express their personal style and use fashion as a medium for self expression. .

2) Thank you for curating this collection of things to turn your home into a hipster cafe. How does this reflect your own personal decor style?

I think my personal decor style is rather minimal, but yet romantic. I like solid colored or solid wood furniture, but I like to dress them up with interesting vintage pieces such as vintage mirror frames and old telephones, and contrast it with romantic, modern home and living products.

3) Do you think the current 'hipster cafe' scene is overcrowded?

I don't think that it's overcrowded even though it has became rather commonplace. In many other cities that I've been to, almost every other cafe is an independent cafe, or what is termed as a "hipster cafe" in Singapore, so there's nothing wrong with having more independent cafes. However, I do feel that each independent cafe should be operating with a specific concept or theme, and they should also be honestly serving good coffee brewed with quality beans, as well as well executed food dishes, instead of simply trying to be "hipster" to ride on the current trend.

4) Top picks from the collection?

I'm loving the Milk Jug Glass Vase - it's so refreshing to see glass molded into the shape of a conventional milk carton. I also like the minimal design of the LEXON Kookii Coffee Set, the beautiful wood grain in Momoe Chopping Board and of course Plumen Drop Cap Pendant set in copper. What's a good home cafe without good lighting?

5) How is design important to you?

Design is rather important to me, because good design doesn't just serve a decorative purpose - it should also have a strong functional purpose. Good design should help to simplify and beautify our lives at the same time, and make ordinary things more interesting to look at.

6) What can we look forward to from you and Naked Glory in the year ahead?

I hope to grow my blog further and increase my readership by promoting my blog more extensively. I am also looking to collaborate with photographers to shoot better content for my blog, as well as with international bloggers for guest posts.

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