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Naiise Conversations With WickeRmoss

If you share a home with a minimalist, you'll understand well his or her needs for ultra clean, simple yet beautifully functional items that speak volumes without shouting it out loud.

This V Day, feed their minimalist tendencies with lifestyle blogger WickeRmoss' curation of gifts for minimalists. We also speak to her about her favourite designers and favourite gifts for the season.


1) Who is Wickermoss, and how did the website come about?

WickeRmoss beneath the crest of waves is named as Charles. She is a late night moviegoer, a traveller with a multi-faceted persona in her luggage. If you can’t find her anywhere else being trigger-happy with her toy cam, 69% chance she is in one corner chewing on her pencil tip, writing. One fine day she felt that her writing fluidity is up and about, took out her pencil and that is it. She initially carved out WickeRmoss’ space utilizing her lifestyle as its rigid structure; then crafting, critiques and all that jazz came along. 

2. Thank you for curating our Valentines' Day collection. What is your personal style when it comes to giving gifts?

My style boils down to research and etiquette. Both play a vital role when it comes to gift giving in my opinion. I may gift a person something I like but in the end that person may not find it appropriate for her overall personality and lifestyle, so it’s practically useless. Also, I gift people something that can “communicate” something about us (friendship, lifetime commitment, etc…). 

3. Top picks from the collection?

If I were to pick 3, they would be: FED 5 GoldMember Limited Edition Camera For someone who gets an actual endorphin high snapping pictures, this is the bomb! The vintage wood is just beyond classic. I can’t wait to push this against my cheeks and feel its magic work with the rhythm of my fingertips. Anyone who loves photography, pro or amateur would surely fall head over heels in love with this badass piece of gem. KOMONO Winston Woven Watch (black and white) This timepiece would hardly clash on any outfit you wear; the simplicity is apparent, yet the woven strap adds up a certain oomph to it. SoftRock Bohemian Bean Bag This screams the words crazy comfy! Looks robust that you can flop down on this having no care for the world after a hard day’s work.

4. Why is design important to you?

I see design as a methodology of one’s emotion. Things we see just don’t happen by accident neither by coincidence. Design triggers the message you want to convey, followed by the patronage it deserve. Design starts with planning and ends up with a purpose. It’s tough to imagine the world penny plain right, so there we inject design and create more moments of happiness. It’s actually in designing that we can somehow control the world for its betterment.

5. Favourite designers?

Carolina Herrera is one. I’ve come to love her work since I was young. Classy, timeless, refined elegance and style.. they are so CH, plus she is so modest inspite of all her success in life. She stands for glamour and consistency; such a huge inspiration to us women. I like her being honest especially when she mentioned before that her staff is one of the factors that lead up to her success; she doesn’t pretend to know it all you see. CH is one graceful lady who has aged so elegantly in my eyes. Michael Kors too for his minimalist attack on his designs; he went bankrupt but his determination made him rise up again. I also like Stella McCartney’s style of incorporating sweet elements on her edgy designs; I see Betsey Johnson in her with regards to being fearless and all. She did not rely on her last name to reach for her dreams.

6. What can we look forward to from Wickermoss in the year ahead?

WickeRmoss would still continue to be a part of your lives. Stirring cups of stories and happenings that could enhance my readers’ lives. With my daily grapple with life, I hope to forge more good vibes in the year ahead. My story would be small at times but it’s something that you’d be able to relate with and say, “Oh yeah, why didn’t I think of that?” And that for me is already an impact. 

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