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Naiise Day Out - Cycling Edition

May 19 2016

One of the goals for Team Naiise is to juggle work-life balance, and taking care of ourselves more this year. We have played Captain's Ball on the rooftop of our office, and we took Labour Day off previously and took a ride from East Coast Park to CBD area under the influence of a few cycling fanatics back in our office, and in hopes of shedding off some office snacking.

Gears up, pedals down, and we were ready to go!

Unlike taking the usual route to Changi Village, we tried a new route that was constructed towards the city. Thanks to the new park connector, we were able to enjoy the captivating scene of the city scape along Marina Barrage. Of course, not forgetting the cool helix bridge along Marina Bay Sands. Riding into the city with good company and great view was never more fun! (Well, maybe because of occasional karaoke sessions on the bikes.)

The entire ride, which took around three hours, definitely left our tummies growling a bit. The day ended perfectly with some great chicken wings, satay and stingrays at East Coast Lagoon Food Village. Great barbecue food infused with beer (yum!) after a long ride was the best.

Although the office snacks weren’t really shed off (barbecue food was too irresistible.), it was nevertheless a good attempt for Team Naiise at trying to stay fit n’ fab. We look forward to more successful attempts, so do join us on our health maintenance quest!

Here are a few essentials that were definitely needed under the hot sun:

1. Sunglasses

Camo Serengeti (Green Camo/Gold Lens), SNRD, $159

Mr Nolan/Silver Glossy Finishing Frame/Reflective Lens, Medium Rare, $42.90

Soule Shades (Classic Black), Soule, $10

Be it for holding your hair up, shielding your eyes from the blazing sun, or for looking cool AF, sunglasses would never go wrong. Pedal in style with these shades. 

2. Funky Socks

Submission To Create/Faith Socks (Black), GoodPair, $12.90

Taro Socks, Freshly Pressed Socks, $10.70

Ace Socks, Zulu Zion, $21.90

Sport some funky socks while riding to catch some attention. While you may not look on point throughout your ride, we’d be sure your feet will be. 

3. Comfortable Sportswear

Heidi Knot Bra, Tough Cookie Apparel, $70

Jess Slim-Fit Classic Tank, Tough Cookie Apparel, $49

Sasha Tights, Tough Cookie Apparel, $85

As you will perspire and move around a lot, comfortable sportswear is a must have. Manoeuvre in ease and style and not worry about anything else.   



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