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#WhatsOnMyDesk - Tablemono Edition

May 17 2016

In our second edition of #WhatsOnMyDesk, we are featuring the workspaces of two Singapore creatives - Ben from Pepper & Cinnamon and Jiahui from Fable. Find out more about the two founders behind Tablemono, an inspirational broadsheet that showcases workspaces of other creatives, and what is their number 1 pet peeve for their workspaces. 

How did Tablemono come about?

Ben (B): Having a long thought about releasing an actual offset publication after my previous DIY magazine, I asked Jiahui if he would be interested to collaborate on a broadsheet in mid-May last year.

Jiahui (JH): I said yes and it just sort of gained momentum from there. The idea was further fleshed out over our irregular weekend bee hoon breakfast sessions.

On a normal daily basis, how does your desk look like? 

Ben's Desk

Jiahui's Desk

Whose table/workspace would you like to feature the most?

B: Dieter Rams. I have a lot of respect for the products that he designed for Braun and Vitsoe.

JH: Kenya Hara.

What's your number one desk pet peeve?

B: A messy desk. This extends to computer desktops.

JH: Same. When it is messy and I cannot find my things, which happens quite often.

If there is a chance to change the look of your desk, what would you do?

B: My dream desk is the mid-century Eames Desk Unit paired with an Eames Wire Chair. Essential accessories include the Olivetti Valentine typewriter, black Braun BNC002 clock and white Anglepoise 1227 mini desk lamp (the one in the Pixar logo).

JH: I like my desk the way it is. But I would love to pair it with a Herman Millar Aeron Chair. I have backaches all the time.

What are your plans/dreams for Tablemono in the future?

B & JH: Besides hoping to publish yearly, we want to feature a wider variety of creatives and entrepreneurs from different industries. The first issue had too many hailing from graphic design. That has to be improved upon.

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