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Betcha Didn't Know They Are From Singapore

If your concept of Singapore products or design is limited to items with a strong nostalgic stamp on them, then we might be able to surprise you here. 

We present to you these creations that you prolly didn't expect to belong to Singaporeans. 

1. A Dose Of Something Good

Founded by Robert Upton, A Dose Of Something Good started from a lovely story of how Robert's wife requested for a scented candle, which sparked a series of scents that meant something to the couple. Just remember, when you bring home a candle, you are not only bringing back a fragrance, you are bringing back a story.

First Product You Should Own: Violent Woods Candle



ACRE is a multi-disciplinary design house, which focuses on branding, experience, space, and product design. While their products are inspired by Singaporean lifestyles, their design is crafted neatly, differentiating their products from the Singapore design that many easily identify.

First Product You Should Own: Tribute Tableware


3. Alexiares & Ani

We don't know how many people actually decide to start a skincare brand with the notion of wanting long-term skin health, but this couple did! Keith and Dawn, the founders of Alexiares & Ani, are big skin health advocates, and that translated well into their products. 

First Product You Should Own: The Deity - SPF30 Mattifying Sunscreen


4. BaeBeeBoo

When Maggie Durma finds that the kids clothing out lack the uniqueness that she was looking for her baby girl, or Bae, she started BaeBeeBoo to let kids be fashionable and comfy at the same time. We wish they were in adult sizes too. 

First Product Your Kid Should Own: Marisol Kaftan


5. Comme Home

Channeling minimalism and clean design through their products, Comme Home brings timelessness closer to everyone with its 100% Italian White Carrara Marble products.

First Product You Should Own: Hexagonal Marble Tile Coaster - Set of 4


6. curious creatures 

With an undying passion to create, Larissa successfully runs curious creatures since 2011. Standing by 3 rules for her creations - quaint, simple, everyday - she has handmade many jewellery, and even home accessories, that have resonated her philosophy tastefully. 

First Product You Should Own: Brass Beaded Necklace: Mix Brass On Leather Cord


7. Euphoramics

What started off as pure interest has become a beautiful profession. Yan Ling signed up for a handbuilding class in 1999 after she read a feature on ceramist, Jessie Lim, in a magazine back then. Euphoramics is all about experiencing joy and euphoria first hand, and honestly, we can't think of any other reason why you wouldn't be happy with these handmade pieces in your hands. 

First Product You Should Own: Marine Mug


8. Freedom Cups

Based in Singapore, Freedom Cups strives to redefine female sanitary practices, and get reusable menstrual cups to women. With their buy-1-give-1 policy, you are doing a small part to make a difference to the society, helping underprivileged ladies to get proper sanitation for their time of the month. If you haven't read our review (you should!), you can do so here

First Product You Should Own: Menstrual Cup


9. Goldfingers Pomade

Having tried and tested almost all kinds of pomades available in the market, Terence was faced with a sticky situation, quite literally. After experimenting and formulating for 15 months, Terence has managed to find the perfect formula that can help Asian men with their hairstyling needs in this tropical climate. And that pineapple scent, ummm, yum!

First Product You Should Own: Goldfingers Pomade


10. Kamilinen

Being meticulous and mindful of what puts their products together, from the design to the materials chosen, Kamilinen promotes quality products that are produced from ecologically minded manufacturer. Incorporate this into your daily routine with their range of placemats, aprons, and even coasters!

First Product You Should Own: Lois Tea Towel


11. Kisetsu

Successfully funded on Kickstarter, Kisetsu, a minimalist wallet brand started by a group of 4 like-minded individuals, invented and reinvented solutions at our often overlooked problems. Without neglecting beauty while keeping to the its initial form and function, Kisetsu wants you to have the best everyday.

First Product You Should Own: HARU Minimalist Wallet in Blue


12. HyperGrand

At a glance, many mistook HyperGrand as an international brand, which we believe is a great flattery for the brand itself. Meticulously crafted with high quality materials, HyperGrand boasts of well-designed watches that have high versatility for everyday use. 

First Product You Should Own: Bigsby Watch


13. UB+ 

Designed to add functionality and quality to your listening pleasure, UB+ created revolutionary bluetooth speakers that produce realistic sounds, liken to what you get from a live performance.

First Product You Should Own: UB+ Eupho Bluetooth Speaker


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