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Need A Facelift For Your Workspace? You Just Need To Do These.

There are many ways to be more productive and efficient with your work, and one of the important factors is your workspace. By far, what really works for us is decluttering and tidying up our desks whenever our minds wander off with distractions. 

And one of the important steps to declutter is to compartmentalise and organise your desk. Know where your things are, keep them neat and tidy, and you can thank us next time. 

1. Plant Pen Holder/Bookends

Photo Credits: craftionary

Efficiency can be heightened with this multi-functional stationery holder. Not only is that a pen holder, you can also use one of the compartments as a planter, you can also stick on small cork squares on one of the surfaces of the holder, and use it as a mini-bulletin board.

2. Charging Station

Photo Credits: pgeverydaysolutions

    Tired of constantly having to untangle wires strewn over your workspace? With this DIY charging station, you can bid this time (and patience) consuming chore goodbye. Have all your wires housed in this shoebox, you are allowing your desk to be clean and neat, giving you a more well-organised workspace. Thank you so much Shelly!

    3. Stationery Holders

    Photo Credits: Design Sponge

      Perfect if you have plenty of wall space and limited desk space, this DIY will not only be able to dress up your workspace, it can also provide you more space to store your essentials. 

      4. Vertical Desk Organiser

      Photo Credits: Poppytalk

      If horizontal desk space is something you are struggling with, make your own vertical one! It might be slightly challenging but this DIY is definitely worth the effort. 

      5. Floral Mouse Pad 

      Photo Credits: The Crafted Life

        This might not seem to be the top of priority when we are talking about work efficiency. But a nice looking and functional mousepad can save you a lot of trouble from slamming your desk surface. 

        6. Geometric Pen Holder

        Photo Credits: Tiny Prints

          Give your desk a new dimension with this geometric pen holder. Depending on your desk's setup and colour scheme, you can use this DIY to create various holders and use them for your stationery. Be creative and make them in various sizes for the complete look.


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