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8 Shades of Blue To Fight Your Blues

We know this heat is pretty much the main reason why you are sulking everyday. It is said that blue has a calming effect. So, distract yourself with some gorgeous blue essentials and (try to) forget about this excruciating heat!

RawRow Denim Wristlet

R Pouch 120 Denim Wristlet in Navy, RAWROW, $35

Stow your frustration away in this stylish wristlet, strut out of your house, and tell yourself you can do this. 

Julia Kostreva iPhone Case

Indigo Ombre in Nude iPhone 5/5S/6 Case, Julia Kostreva, $129

Know that the moment you slip your phone in this case, beauty is within reach. 

Kisetsu Natsu Card Holder Wallet Blue

Natsu Card Holder Wallet Blue, Kisetsu, $59.90

Travel light with this card holder wallet so you can save yourself from the effort of carrying too much s***. 

Status Anxiety Audrey Wallet

Audrey Wallet in Royal, Status Anxiety, $109

If a cardholder is not working out, this wallet might be sufficient for you to keep everything you need in here. 

Mokuyobi Threads Space Explorer Iron On Patch

Space Explorer Iron On Patch, Mokuyobi Threads, $8.50

Giving you some space to cool yourself down.




Euphoramics Marine Series Ceramic Mug

Marine Series - Ceramic Mug, Euphoramics, $38

Make yourself a cuppa iced tea and turn on the AC. Welcome home. 

Indigo The Basic Felt v.3 Round Pouch 

Indigo The Basic Felt v.3 Round Pouch, Indigo Co., $29.90

A blue felt pouch for efficient compartmentalisation, so you don't have to sweat to search for things. 

Classic Watch - Navy Ink

Classic Watch - Navy Ink, Aark, $180

Lastly, don't lose track of time whining about the heat!

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