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10 Naiise Things To Start The Year With by @brenwho

Welcome to the first edition of 10 Naiise Things! At Naiise, we're on a mission to help you discover new and exciting design products, many of which are pretty, funny, too adorable to resist, or all three; but also often prove useful in getting stuff done in a new way! 

We're working with design lovers around the world to show you their top picks from us, and how they use these products in every day life. First up - Brenda Ng aka @brenwho, shows us how she chills out at home with her curated list of 10 essentials for the minimalist lover to start the year right. 


I like pretty things. I really really do — and I believe that pretty things really do lift my mood especially on a stressful day. That is probably the reason why there is always something pretty on my table, be it a notebook or a card case. is a Singapore-based destination for curated design products from Singapore and around the world. Since its launch, it has been my go-to site for browsing pretty products and I often visit their pop-up stores at Clarke Quay Central and Orchard Gateway to get my fix.

With design products that are functional, pretty and affordable, I think that Naiise is beyond a mere platform for us to purchase pretty design products but also one for us to discover the emerging artists especially in Singapore (such as artwork from Lee Xin Li). Here are some of my recent picks from Naiise featured in this entry:

01 Be Still Print // 02 Round Marble Trivet // 03 Apricot & Freesia Candle // 04 Bynd Pocket Notes // 05 White Marble Diary // 06 Business Card Case // 07 Round Marble Cylinder // 08 Bynd Journal A6 // 09 Simplicity Tritan Tumbler // 10 Route Map Passport Holder 

CREME&NOIR - Simplicity Tritan Tumbler 

Originated from Korea, the Simplicity Tritan Tumblr features Leonardo da Vinci' quote "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" printed across the minimalistic bottle. Personally, I think the bottle makes for a perfect gift for its practicality. I've also been drinking water a lot more since I got this bottle – and the transparency of this bottle makes it perfect for fruit-infused water that is pretty and healthy at the same time.


Bynd Artisan - Bynd Journal A6  

Made from environmentally harmonious paper, the Bynd Journal is of superb quality that makes it the perfect notebook for everyday use. The notebook itself feels luxe with a cover made from leatherette paper. 

However, if you're looking for a notebook that is compact for everyday use, try the Bynd Pocket Notes which comes in the dimension of only 8.5cm x 11.5cm! 

Invite. L - Business Card Case

Love me a quality synthetic leather card case that is functional yet sleek at the same time. Was extremely looking forward to be using this for my business cards, but gifted this to my brother a few days back as he really liked it too!

JOIK - Apricot & Freesia Candle

One way to create a cozy and comfortable environment is through scent, and I recently found myself lighting up candles on a daily basis in an attempt to make the room more cozy and productive. I have been gravitating towards this candle for its light fruity scent that acts as an instant perk-me-up every evening. 

LOVE SG - Route Map Passport Holder

Also my new and current passport holder, this black leatherette passport holder features a debossed route-to-Singapore pattern. Uniquely Singaporean, this passport is perfect for proud Singaporeans (like me) and also makes for a stylish travel companion!

Many people have the perception that design products are not particularly 'useful', but as shown above, these curated design products at Naiise are definitely functional for our everyday life. With a wide variety of design products available at Naiise, it is the perfect place to shop for gifts for yourself and your loved ones as well. 

Enter the code 10NAIISEBRENWHO for 10% off your purchases at 

Words by: Churp Churp Alpha influencer Brenda Ng @brenwho

Churp Churp, a subsidiary of the Netccentric Group, is the first and leading social media advertising community and talent program within the region.

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