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8 Superfly Ice Cube Trays You Never Thought Existed

Because there's nothing to hate about ice, especially being stuck in this perpetual heat. Spice up your 24/7 summer days with these super cool ice cubes that we have hunted down, and your job? Get the damn drinks!

1. Water Bottle Ice Cube Tray

Photo Credits: Amazon

Perfect for slotting into slim bottle mouths, these ice cubes allow you to have chilled water when you're out on the go.

2. Have An Ice Day Ice Tray

Photo Credits: Fred & Friends

How will your day ever go bad with these smiley ice cubes? But catch them before their smiles disappear.

3. Swimming Merlion Ice Cube Tray

Swimming Merlion Ice Cube TrayLove SG, $19.90

We do often see our Singapore Merlion statue spraying water along the river side, but we surely don't see them floating in our cups often. For you patriotic ones, this one's for you (or for those that just really wanna see floating Merlions teehee!).

4. Ice Straw Tray

Photo Credits: Amazon

Make sure your lips and tongue freeze all together with your brain as you have your drink from these ice straws. Just beware that it will shorten over time. 

5. Brain Freeze Ice Cube Tray

Photo Credits: Fred & Friends

LITERALLY brain freeze. Super great look for your coloured drinks and halloween party, plus you get a huge chunk of ice. 

6. Polar Bear Ice Cube Tray

Polar Ice TrayQualy$16.90

Get your quick fix of north pole with these super cute polar bear ice cubes as they float around in your atlantic glacier of drink. Have a few of them together to have a family of them. 

7. Frozen Smiles Ice Cube Tray

Photo Credits: Fred & Friends

Are this... Are this.. Your grandmother's dentures?!?! Play a super great prank on your friends with these dentures looking ice cubes and be sure to prank the hell out of them. Be creative with what you freeze.

8. Shot Glass Ice Cube Tray

Photo Credits : Barbuzzo

You have an ice straw, why not add on and have an ice glass? Have your drinks on rock without having to add ice. Perfect for house parties! 

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