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Instagram Styling Essentials F/W 2016

Like fashion, Instagram styling also comes with seasonality. While the main subject is key, the accents to create a great photo is as important too. Here we have spotted the latest props and accents that will bring out the best in your photos for Instagram. Want to earn 144785 likes? Read below. 

Time To Leave - Hannah V

Photo Credits: @kanieg27

Photo Credits: @oh.eight.oh.nine

Photo Credits: Naiise

To bring some life into your photos and make them less sterile, strategically style some ferns or leaves (real or fake, doesn't really matter). 



Photo Credits:

Photo Credits: Shay Cochrane

Photo Credits: Witanddelight

Like magpies, most of us are immediately attracted to the bling. Rose gold is welcomed too!

Pay Me Lip Service

Photo Credits: l-e-a-b-o

Photo Credits: Naiise


Photo Credits: Rosefield Watches

Keeping things a little interesting and more contextual, a well-packaged lipstick that comes with the right colour (absurd, we know) can actually help to beautify your photo. 

Show Your True Colours

Photo Credits: Hibrid Blog

Photo Credits: Amanda Figliola

Photo Credits: ispydiy

Bringing the styling game a notch higher, you can take a little bit more effort in selecting the objects that you want to feature in your photo. Colour-theme and place them in some kind of symmetry, and snap. 

What Are You Reading?

Photo Credits: @yoursomabar

Photo Credits: NotMyStandard

Photo Credits:

Books, magazines, or anything that has words on them make immediate focal points in your photos. A bonus point goes to publications or cards that are beautifully designed and more importantly, fitting the look you are trying to achieve.

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