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10 ways (and things) for a better tomorrow.

A new year brings new beginnings. And with each new year, we start out rejuvenated, renewed and full of ideas. Enthusiastically, we look towards being better than we were before. 

However, following up on our resolutions can be tough, easily forgotten or procrastinated, even demoralising at times. At Naiise, we believe in pushing through our goals with the help of things around us. 

Inspirations comes not only from within but from all that surround us in our everyday lives. Here are 10 ways (and things) we believe can help better our everyday lives, and accomplish what we set out to do this year.

1. Dream a little more.

Don’t fear the unknown or be afraid of trying. Don’t be afraid you can't do it and give up. Dream big, work hard for it and enjoy the journey.

2. Protect what you love.

Treasure everything. From that almost dying Macbook to that old vintage chair. So protect them like you would something precious, and you’ll find that things become relatively cheaper than getting repairs done time after time.

3. Smile and Laugh more than you can. 

Enjoy what you have now and cherish each moment. It is known to be contagious as well, so be happy. In case you have forgotten, there’s much worse going on elsewhere.

4. Be Someone's Superhero.

Do your best to be the best for anyone. Do the right thing and you’ll (and someone else) will be thankful you did.

5. Spend more time with your pets! (Or get them a friend at least)

You are more dear to them then you know. So put down that iPad, and have a ball of a time with them.

6. Buy Something Expensive and Keep Using it.

In a world of mass production and discounts, we tend to forget what it means to pay for something, love it and treasure it. It's good to remind yourself sometimes, that not everything is replaceable. It can be functional for everyday.

7. Host your friends with love (and cool stuff)

It’s really not because you wanna brag about your new pad, but more so because life is worth celebrating with your closest pals - big event or small. Let's not be stingy about the celebrations, and host in style.

8. More Fun At Work.

Love what you do, or at least love your workspace. Spruce it up, and fill it with more smiles and more joy. Work gets a tad easier this way.

9. Be Inspired Everyday.

Because life is really more than just about work. It's about the things we watch in the movies and read in books. It’s not a distant reality, we all need to remember that. 

10. And never forget.

You matter. 

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