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Naiise Conversations - with basketcase

Naiise invites David Fuhrmann-Lim, the curator and editor behind basketcase, the new kid on the block that brings men the daily scoop on all things cool, to curate our Gifts for Him Christmas collection. We speak to David and get the low-down on how design is important to him (plenty much, apparently), his favourite designers and products from Naiise.

1. Who is in the Basketcase team and how did Basketcase come about?

I am the curator and the editor and I have a research intern who helps me. The digital company I work /started the concept with is Edenpod.

2. We love your curation of coolest stuff for men. Can you describe what your signature style is, and who is the Basketcase man?

Thanks! Three words: Insanely Awesome Products. We want everything we feature to essentially fulfill that criteria, whether it's a bar, bicycle, villa, gizmo, table or tie clip. The Basketcase man is someone who has spending power (although we do feature free stuff also), loves amazing products, designs and concepts. We try to have fun with the presentation, hence the links to oddball videos.

3. Name some of your everyday essentials.

My Tom Ford prescription glasses - indispensable. My little Moleskine notebook 'cos I still write things down. A book I'm reading which I always carry around. My scarf (scarves). I never leave home with any moisturiser/sunscreen. And of course my Boardman bike (Hybrid Pro, if you must know).

4. Who are some of your favourite designers?

Living: Helmut Lang. Marc Newson. Milton Glaser. Jonathan Ive. Dead: Saul Bass. Alan Fletcher. And the guy who designed the pencil, genius.

5. Why is great design important to you?

Design is important to everyone, otherwise we'd have no stairs to climb, be lost in train stations, and be wearing clothes from... I shudder to think. We encounter (apparently) 600 designs a day, and while most of it is junk, a lot of it is functional and probably life-saving. And a small, small handful are designs that make you smile, and make your life joyous. I look at my bicycle everyday and I'm just tickled.

6. What are your top picks from the Christmas collection you have curated for Naiise?

Probably the rude items from Superwhite. My friends should be expecting those soon.

7. What can we expect from Basketcase in the near future?

We are expanding, and will soon be working with some merchants to be their official distributor. We will also create limited edition Basketcase products - our own branding. And some more stuff I can't discuss unless I'm tied to a chair and you're brandishing a knotted rope.

8. Any tips for naiise living in the year ahead?

Look at Basketcase everyday, haha.

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