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Naiise Conversations - with Tanjong Bazaar

Naiise invites Katherine Liew, the photographer behind the incredibly cool fashion and lifestyle website Tanjong Bazaar to curate our Gifts for Shutterbugs collection this Christmas. We speak to Katherine to find out more about the team behind Tanjong Bazaar, their seemingly endless creative energies and how design inspires their daily lives.

1. Who is in the Tanjong Bazaar team and how did Tanjong Bazaar come about?

Yvette and I met through Jemma Wei, host of Clicknetwork’s ‘That F Word’, who found out that we were both obsessed with style. We hit it off immediately, and when we found out that we had complementing skills it was only natural for us to start a site together – Yvette is a model and videographer, and I’m a photographer and web developer. Despite the fact that we’re both from Australia we felt that there was a niche for a site that covers Asian fashion in more of an editorial style, so Tanjong Bazaar was born!

2. We love your focus on fashion, lifestyle and interior design. Can you describe your signature style?

For me, it’s about pairing statement items with minimalist chic so that you can let those one or two pieces shine. There should always be an unexpected twist: a colour that pops, an unusual cut or a combination of opposing textures.

3.Thank you for curating our Gifts for Shutterbugs guide. How does this reflect your individual lifestyle?

As someone who’s always on the go, I always appreciate design that looks good but also fulfils a function. To me, design is as much about looking at how you can holistically improve someone’s experience as it is about aesthetics. If I’m shooting at a fashion event, I want to be able to carry my 5D Mark II, lenses, namecards and phone without looking like I just stepped out of a military surplus store. I love that the range on the site is functional but flauntable. Naiise!

4. Why is design important to you?

During the day I work at a creative agency as a digital strategist so we’re constantly working on different types of design – how can we create experiences that allow people find the information they want quickly and easily? How can we use visuals to communicate an idea better?  I think design is about using creativity to make people’s lives better –that’s important to everyone.

5. What's your top pick from the Gifts for Shutterbugs guide?

There were so many products for photographers that it was hard to choose! I’m in love with the polaroid scarf range by Philippe Roucou and I would love to flip my namecards out from a Pantone case but my top pick would have to be the Aide de Camp Rei bag. I have been double-timing my Tory Burch Robinson bag as a camera bag for looks and functionality, but it’s great to see a beautiful bag that’s designed to keep lenses safe and everything organised.

6. What are your 5 naiisest things about Christmas, and how will be you be spending Christmas this year?

ONE – Time to disconnect from the stress of the year.

TWO – Time to re-connect with the people that matter.

THREE – Time to reflect on what you’re doing and where you’re going.

FOUR - An excuse to spoil the ones you love.


7. What can we expect from Tanjong Bazaar in the near future?

Tanjong Bazaar has grown so far since we started a year ago! We’ve expanded from our initial focus on fashion to other (naiise) things like interior design and beauty. The support has surprised even us – so in our second year we’re going to be working on bringing our readers more of the content that they love. We have some surprises in store, so keep watching!

8. Any tips for naiise living in the year ahead?

Travel. Expose yourself to as many influences as you can. Learn what you really like. Love. Embrace the new and the different. Reach for the stars but never forget the people closest to you.

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