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10 Simple Halloween Costumes 2016

We know for most of us, Halloween means dressing up, being over the top and scaring the hell out of everyone. But we know some of you just wants to dress up, just slightly, to get in the mood. So we've put together 10 subtle Halloween options for you to choose from!

From simple statement cartoon characters to food-inspired costumes, you'll be able to strut about town feeling not that out of place and looking festively appropriate. 


1. Daria and Jane

 Photo Credits: Pinterest

If you and your best friend are still looking for matching costumes, here's one you can use. The grunge look is a trend that was popular back in the 90s and these two ladies, Daria and Jane, were the perfect encapsulation of that angsty teenage girl aesthetic. 


2. Clark Kent to Superman

Photo Credits: Yellow Bird Blogspot

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Superman! Pre-transformation Superman takes the form of the geeky hunk Clark Kent. In his simple office get-up of a white button down, trousers, a tie and suspenders, this look is easy to pull off. Just add a Superman t-shirt underneath, and you're good to go. Really great for folks who need to be at important meetings and party after.


3. Wednesday Addams

Photo Credits:

Pretty much everyone's favourite gothic sweetheart, Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family Values is an effortless, but eye-catching outfit that anyone can do. A little black dress, stockings, black shoes and pigtail braids, and it's complete. 


4. Classy Cat Woman

Photo Credits: Pinterest

People are getting tired of over-sexualised cartoon animals, and rightly so. Redefine the meaning of cat costume this year with this effortlessly chic and stylish classy cat outfit. With an elegant black dress and heels, you can throw on cat ears or a cat mask and head out for some trick-or-treating.


5. Spinelli from Recess

Photo Credits: Pinterest

From a beloved childhood cartoon, the spunky and cool Spinelli from Recess is a costume that people will definitely recognise. Even though it's made up of bright orange stockings and a matching dress, it's cleverly paired with a black leather jacket and boots, giving it a balanced and edgy look. 


6. Popcorn Princess

Photo Credits: Tampa CBS Local

For all the foodies out there, this easy and adorable DIY is perfect for you. All you need to do is to paste scrunched up yellow and white balls of paper onto your regular white top, and voila!


7. Ice Cream Lady

Photo Credits: Tampa CBS Local

This one is an easy DIY too, and it will definitely set all eyes on you, in a good way. With a little balloon and a paper stem attached to a headband, and some colourful paper sprinkles, you're going to look adorable in your dreamy ice cream costume. 


8. Debbie Thornberry from The Wild Thornberries

Photo Credits: Pinterest

Another grunge outfit from a beloved 90s cartoon, we have Debbie Thornberry from The Wild Thornberries! With her ripped jeans and oversized flannel, it's very easy to recreate this iconic look, and live your grunge goddess dreams this Halloween.


9. Feeling Batty

Photo Credits: Flickr

If you love bats and vampires, you can easily channel this batwing outfit with style and spookiness. Dresses like these can be found online, or made pretty easily by cutting the edges of an old shawl or parka. You can even make your own! 


10. We Can Do It!

Photo Credits: Twitter

Why not add a special and empowering message this year with the famous We Can Do It poster girl? This iconic poster has been a centre piece of female empowerment since it's publication in the 50's and people still adore it to this day. A simple outfit with a positive and uplifting message? Yes please!







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