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10 Simple Christmas Decor For Your Home

The easiest trick, and probably the most important one, to making your home Christmas-ready is none other than decorations. Think Christmas trees, mistletoes, tinsels and fairy lights! Apart from that, here are 10 Christmas decor that you can get and dress up your space, turning your home to a Christmas wonderland instantly. 


1. ACDC Powered Fairy Lights (With Remote Control), Midnight Sparks, from $59.90

Nothing makes your home instantly more festive than fairy lights. Opt for Midnight Sparks' fairy lights for the unique warmth for your home. They also have festive colours available this Christmas and you can find them here.  


2. Original Light Box, My Original Cinema Light Box, $120

Light boxes are gaining popularity over the years and the awesome thing about these is that you can constantly change the text on it for different purposes and party themes, making it a really practical investment for a statement feature in your home. 


3. Xmas Wall Charts - Santa On His Sleigh, HK Living, $50

For those of you who dig the traditional Christmas vibes, these wall charts from HK Living are the perfect decor pieces to get for your home this Christmas. To complete the look, you can DIY a fake fireplace for your home. 


4. White Crystal Metal Ornament - 60cm, House Doctor, $50

Giant snowflakes easily do the trick to turn up your home into a winter wonderland. Sprinkle them throughout your space and voila! 


5. Christmas Carols Christmas Cards (Set of 3), ditto ditto, $22.70

Apart from being ornaments for your Christmas tree, you can use these as Christmas cards too. Tip: You can invite your guests to pen down their Christmas greetings and wishes, and hang them on your Christmas tree after. 


6. Christmas Ornament - Snowman, Desa Boneka, $25

Awww, who will say no to these hand crocheted Christmas ornaments?


7. 100 Verses One Heart (Set of 100 postcards), Actseed co., $69.90 

Up the festive spirits in your home by framing up these cards in a giant frame and what you get is a statement making centrepiece.


8. [Limited Edition] CHENG Jewels Rock Sugar Stick (Christmas Tree Mint Flavour), Jewels by CHENG, $2.50

Ornaments that can be eaten? Sign us up!


9. Bless This Home Canvas Art, Klosh, $29.90

Not only can you put this up for Christmas, you can also keep this up throughout the year.


10. Candle (Copper) - Fig Tree, SOH Melbourne, $89.90

Fancy some Christmasy scents for your home? This gorgeous candle from SOH Melbourne will do the trick. And when you're done burning the candle, the holder will make an amazing holder for you stationery and other belongings too. 


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