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10 Sexy Stationery Obsessions That We Approve

Even in this age of technology, stationery is not completely obsolete. In fact, more people are paying attention to the design of the stationery used at their desks these days. Apart from the fundamental functions, stationery has this ability to lift your spirits, even just by looking at it. We are completely guilty of being obsessed with stationery and we can't wait to show you what's on our list right now. 


White Marble A5 Weekly Planner, Studio of Basic Design, $30.90

Marble is all the craze and we have to agree, it is seductive. Dangerous obsession, but go for it, we say!

Cut Out Craft ScissorsOh, Hello Friend, $21.90

We can only imagine how hot this scissors will look when you do a slow-mo cutting video clip with it. 

Brass Receipt ClipLimiteria$26.60

Being the magpie that we are, this brass clip naturally got our attention. It's hard to bring ourselves to even use it.

Geometric Paper Clips, Fundamental Berlin, $32

Speaking of clips, we just want to get dozens of these and use it everywhere. Essentially a paper clip, you can also use this as a bookmark, a really elegant one that is. 

Acrylic Marble & Gold Stapler, Rachel George, $60

Coupling the two sexiest materials at the moment, this stapler has definitely blown our minds the moment we come face to face with it. 

Classic Brass and Copper Ballpoint Pen, ystudio, $110

The cool thing about this pen is the pen is purposefully untreated, as the makers wish that the pen will be unique to each individual, with his/her hand marks etching on the pen after constant use of the pen. Truly a pen to call yours.


Postino Pen Stand - Black, Praxis Design, $63.90

Postino means postman in Italian, and this translated into the design of this pen holder, replicating the folds of an envelope. 

Brass Pen Tray, Dear Maison, $49.90

Essentially used to hold your pen, this tray can also be used to hold your jewellery and accessories without losing them again.

Pearl: Blue, Nuuna, $32.90

We remember the day we saw this, and eventually bought it, we couldn't stop staring at the holographic cover the moment we tear the shrink wrap away.

Gold Foil Daily Planner - Colourblock Black, Julia Kostreva, $99

Less is more. And the thin strips of gold foil keep us hooked, because a little is all you need. 










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