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10 Purrr-fect Items You Need To Own Right Now

Resisting anything cat-related is almost impossible at Naiise (actually doggies too!). And if you are working your way up to be a pawsome cat lady/gentleman, you must have these!


1. The Cat Tote Bag, Tinge, $25

A cheeky looking kitty is a purrrfect addition to your cats-on-bag collection. 


2. Tape Dispenser, Oh, Hello Friend, $21.90

Cat Tape Dispenser? Sign us up, please! Add a touch of cuteness to the practicality of your workspace with these tape dispensers. 


3. From the Belly of the Cat, Math Paper Press, $22

The perfect book for a rainy day with your cats and some tea. From the Belly of the Cat, is a collection of fifteen feline tales by some of Singapore's best writers and cat lovers. 


4. Sisi the Cat Vinyl Wall Decal in Black, Made of Sundays, $57.90

A statement piece for any cat-lover's home, this decal from Made of Sundays is simply adorable, and it will definitely get you a ton of compliments and excited squeals.


5. Laser-Engraved Concrete Cat Table Lamp, Sturlesi Design, $96.90

Light up your space room with this sleek and minimalistic bedside lamp is perfect for the no-nonsense cat person. 


6. Blanco 3D iPhone Case, Valfre, $53.50

For those who love cats and believe in aliens, this phone case might be one that's begging you to bring it home and make it yours.


7. Check Out My... Girl Tee, Ruffle My Hair, $30

Yup, that's right.


8. Crazy Cat Lady Mug, BigMouth Inc., $24.90


Be proud of who you are. Everyone needs to know how paw-some cats (and you) are!


9. Cat with the Pearl Earring Studs in Yellow Gold, Alfie de Meow, $29

Finally, a way to be elegant while you proclaiming your love for kitties. 


10. Wood Cat Face Bread/Cheese Board, curious creatures, $45


You can use this to spread some jam on your toast, or serve cheese on it for your friends. It's so adorable that even if you leave it on its own on the shelf, it will still make a great wall decor for your space.









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