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10 Naiise Things With The Domestic Goddess feat. MissGoob

Hi guys! Sorry I’ve been away for some time! Work is really consuming me :(

Some time back, I received a parcel from Naiise and it was legittt. In the parcel, there are 10 items handpicked by me, and now, lemme share them with you! :)


Ice Cream Apron, Woouf!

Hehe is it I can be domestic goddess?


This was the first thing I saw and I knew I had to choose it. I follow Woouf! on Instagram and all of their stuff are so cute! So imagine my happiness when I found out that Naiise actually carries stuff from this brand!

Since I work in the kitchen, this apron was just the right thing for me.


So cute I kent!! I love the print so much! They didn’t have a cupcake one but this ice cream will do hehe.



Green Tea Almond Milk Spread, Feliz

I mean, I HAD TO pick something matcha right!!


When I saw this, I could already see myself eating it from the jar BAHAHAHA. The matcha flavour was really gud and I loved the crunchy almond bits too! It did get a tad jelat cos I ate it straight out of the jar lolol. A bit too sweet to eat it on its own, but awesome with bread! :)

I also incorporated some of it and made an epic matcha cake! Complete with matcha shards, chocolates and macarons!



Culinary Matcha, Inner Matcha

This was what I used to make my macarons! They smell so good...

Other than the fragrance from the matcha powder, the rich green colour is also damn shiok! I didn’t add a single drop of colouring into the macarons and filling leh! Really is love it very matcha <3 This is one of my favourite picks because I can use it for my baking heehee! Good quality matcha really makes all the difference :)


Medium Mug, My Teapot, My Milk Jug, Jansen+co.

I picked these 3 items as a set cos I wanted to save it for my future home with Ahpei hehehehe. Can make coffee, can make tea! It’d be so nice to serve our guests with these! Aren’t the colours gorgeous? Navy and grey go so well together :)

Maybe I gotta get more matching mugs or teacups though haha.


Ok fine, I was too eggcited and already started using the mug at my shop TROLLOLOL. It’s the perfect size for a single serving of my favourite hot milo or sobe. Yay! :)



Pistachia Nut Butter, Hunters' Kitchenette




Made of 100% pistachios, this one is flavour level sky high. It felt like I was eating pistachios as a paste! It was so thick so smooth, SO GUD. Gahhh I want someee moreee naoooo.

Family and friends who know me, know that my favourite nuts are pistachios!! I whack like siao every CNY and I can finish a jar by myself. It’s cray. Manicure? What manicure? Eat pistachios first!!


Dream breakfast. I had this for 5 consecutive days before I ran out of pistachio butter boohoo :’(


Look at dat gloss. Those are all natural oils/fats from the pistachios so don’t throw it away! I stirred all that green phats in and the butter was super spreadable. MAD LOVE.


missgoob11Truffle ChipsYolky Chips

Had to pick these too cos I love me some mind-blowing truffle chips. Shared this with the fam and everyone sang praises cos the truffle aroma was so legit but not too overwhelming at the same time. Although I wouldn’t mind being overwhelmed by truffle at all hahaha.


Even #ThisGooby buay tahan already. He even stood up on his hind legs trying to sneak a bit! Really is super zbj.



Banana Treat Toy, Zee.Dog

Of course, good mami I never forget about my Gooby hehe. Picked out this banana treat toy to keep my baby entertained while I’m busy.

As you can see, there’s a slot for you to put in a treat (I used a dental treat) that’s preferably nice-smelling so your gougou will go cray cray over it wheee.


"Simi lai???"


"I must get it out zomg I must..."

When you try your best but you don’t succeed......... LOLOL. I don’t think it will be possible for Gooby to get the treat out by himself since HE'S GOT NO FINGERS HAHA but it was such a great toy to keep him busy!


I guessed he realised that and gave up. But why so cute??



Gummy Mini 5200 Powerbank in Pink, thecoopidea

Ok last item! This is an electronic item but trust me, it’s in my kitchen all the time haha!

When I work, I use my phone a lot - to reply to messages, to edit photos, to look at recipes, to order food etc.


So I run out of batt at least once a day at work! Sometimes it’s so troublesome to charge my phone at the socket because that means I cannot reply messages while baking. So this powerbank came in really handy!

Love how compact it is, even smaller than my iPhone! It gives me one full charge, which is more than enough since the batt life of my iPhone 7 is already nubbad haha.

And for purely vanity reasons, I like the bubblegum pink a lot, just saying.


Hope you guys enjoyed my review of these 10 Naiise Things! On top of that, I also have a promo code with share with you guys :) 



Above article is written by MissGoob as part of the 10 Naiise Things movement.








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