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The Soopatoona Bean Bag (Pre-Order)

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by doob®
249.00 SGD

You’ve already met the toonacan, an amazingly roundish doob bean bag. Now, enter the Soopatoona.

The Soopatoona, like every self-respecting superhero, has a tough (synthetic leather) exterior and is all soft and cuddly on the inside. It resists spills even under exposure to kryptonite, and can be cleaned with just a wipe. When not saving the world, the Soopatoona is at the home or office, saving your butt; its Soopapowers and disarming friendliness make it a great companion for kids and adults alike.

The Soopatoona comes in two different Soopahero colours, which also happen to look nice with other furniture.

*Disclaimer: While the Soopatoona will save the world from the clutches of evil, it is advised that you continue to lock your door before leaving the house. .

Each Soopatoona comes with an inner tetoron-cotton inner bag filled with doob pellets and a removable synthetic leather outer cover which you can clean, or change, with your mood.


Additional Information
Synthetic leather, Tetoron cotton inner bag, EPS foam pellets
90x90 cm
See chart below
Machine Washable
Shipping Information
Estimated Arrival
Return Policy
2 weeks
Only unfilled available for overseas shipping