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Sweet Resurrection Nail Oil

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An affordable luxury for your hardworking hands, Sweet Resurrection is the all-natural magic elixir that brings brittle and damaged nails back to life. Hands and nails go through plenty of wear and tear on a daily basis and are constantly stripped of their natural oils through the use of soaps, detergents or hand sanitisers. The acetone and buffing involved in manicures can also be very harsh on the nail plate.

Our unique anti-microbial and anti-fungal formula penetrates deeply to strengthen weak or thin nails and prevent cracking, peeling and splitting. We use only organic cold-pressed oils in our blend, which is jam-packed with essential vitamins, amino acids and omegas.

Jojoba has an almost identical molecular structure to your skin's natural oil, ensuring that all the powerful ingredients in Sweet Resurrection penetrate deeply into the skin and nail plate. It also helps manicures last longer and keeps gel nails flexible, so that they bend instead of breaking upon impact. It does not contain mineral oil which is occlusive and can create a warm, moist environment for fungus and yeast to grow. 

What's that smell?
Unlike many other leading brands on the market, Sweet Resurrection contains absolutely no artificial fragrance. Lovely Lemongrass and Lucid Lavender contain 100% pure essential oils, which possess a divine natural aroma and a host of proven healing properties.

Directions: Twist end of pen several times to saturate brush with oil before first use. Apply onto nail plate, cuticles and under free edge (white part of nail) and massage until absorbed. Reapply twice daily or after every hand wash for maximum hydration. 

Free from:

  • Petrochemicals
  • Parabens
  • Synthetic fragrances
  • Artificial colours
  • Mineral oil

Additional Information


Organic Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Oil, Organic Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Wax Esters, Organic Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) Oil, Organic Rosa Canina (Rosehip) Oil, 100% Pure Lemongrass / Lavender Essential Oil
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Sweet Resurrection Nail Oil

Sweet Resurrection Nail Oil

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