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Singapore Shophouses Print in Tube (100x50cm) (Pre-Order)

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149.95 SGD

Fiona (aka Hollis Carney) has taken a Singapore gem, the shophouse, and roughed it up around the edges. Every inch of this fly-posted shophouse facade is adorned with colour, motifs and the architectural flair we associate with Singapore’s heritage and its contemporary cityscape. Peranakan tiles, ornate plaster wreaths and cornices, canary yellow and hot pink slatted shutters; all overseen by a mysterious eye watching from within. But don’t stand still too long admiring the paintwork… it’s a double yellow, and Singapore is a ‘fine’ country don’t forget.


Additional Information
Giclée print on 330gsm somerset enhanced paper
100 x 50cm
Hollis Carney Art
United Kingdom
Shipping Information
Estimated Arrival 2 weeks
Return Policy Non-Returnable
Availability Global (Shipping Rates Varies For Orders Outside of Singapore