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  • Nordics Carbon Whitening

Nordics Carbon Whitening


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Nordics Carbon Whitening is a charcoal powder from coconut trees, that gently whitens teeth, neutralizes the toxins in the mouth and regulates the acidic balance. Nordics Carbon Whitening is 100% natural, purified and oxidised charcoal product, developed with no added chemicals, with the sole purpose to whiten and polish your smile absolutely harmlessly. The product is designed to help whiten your teeth without any chemical additives or aggressive peroxide.

Charcoal is innate antimicrobial agent that will extract toxins and unpleasant overlays, while freshens and strenghtens your mouth with a subtle mint flavour. It brings a noticable change in the whiteness of your teeth in the first weeks of usage.

In combination with Nordics Bamboo Charcoal brush, Nordics Carbon Whitening will give you a shining smile, worth showing off!


1. Dip a wet toothbrush in the jar with powder

2. Brush carefully with your mouth closed for at least 2-3 minutes

3. Smile with your black charcoaly teeth

4. Spit it out and rinse thoroughly

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