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  • Cafebond Basic - Espresso Coffee Beans (Freshly Roasted)

Cafebond Basic - Espresso Coffee Beans (Freshly Roasted)

Cafebond Basic

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Dark Chocolate & Spice

100% Arabica, 100% Fresh, 100% Honest

Cafebond Basic - Espresso Coffee Beans consists of 50% India and 50% Brazil beans that are balanced, full-bodied with low acidity. Perfect to use with your espresso coffee machine at home and enjoy it with or without milk.

Tasting Notes:
Dark Chocolate and Spice

Brazil (Fazenda Rainha) / India (Kerela Plantation AA)

About The Farm:
The Indian coffee (fully washed process) in Cafebond Basic - Espresso Coffee Beans comes from India’s Karnataka Kerala Estate. The farm has a total size of 121-hectare and is managed by 3rd generation A.N. Devraj (who has a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture) and his wife Pallavi. They live on the plantation almost throughout the whole year, only during the peak of the Monsoon rains they move to Bangalore for some weeks.

The supply of the farmhouse runs almost autarchic, a spring nearby delivers fresh drinking water and furthermore creates green energy for the house by means of a small hydroelectric power station. A biogas plant, run by cow dung of the farm’s cows, generates gas for the kitchen stove.

The Brazil coffee (natural process) in Cafebond Basic - Espresso Coffee Beans comes from Brazil’s Mogiana region. Gabriel de Carvalho, an agronomist and a founding member of Brazil’s Specialty Coffee Association, currently manages the farm.

Almost all the tasks in this 480-hectare are carried out by hand, as the farm’s steep topography makes the use of machines virtually impossible. The water is supplied by a spring on the estate’s land and wastewater is carefully treated to avoid polluting the spring. There is also an active tree-planting program to repopulate native species, with at least 25% of the farm’s land made up of indigenous forest. Most of Fazenda Rainha’s workers are housed on site in fully equipped staff houses, they run a bus to take the children to school, and have a full-size soccer field for workers and their families! This coffee is Rainforest Alliance, Fairtrade and UTZ certified.

Cafebond Basic coffee is freshly roasted in a Halal-certified facility and comes in Wholebean form, which we can grind it for you upon request.

Additional Information
100% speciatly grade Arabica coffee beans
10 x 15 x 5 cm
200 g
Cafebond Basic
Brazil / India

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2-3 Weeks
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