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Basic Starter Kit : Basil

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Note : Image of Basic Starter Kit for illustration only.

Consists of: 

  • An eco-friendly paper pot
  • A bag of potting soil (250g)
  • A SeedCell

How to use SeedCell:

Simply fill the pot with soil and push the SeedCell right in - no tools needed! Then water them and enjoy the satisfaction of watching them grow.

The natural pulp material which makes up the SeedCell will absorb any ground moisture once planted. It helps to deliver a steady feed directly to the seed, aiding the germination process. It also continues to provide water to the newly emerging seedlings after germination.

Crops & Co was started with the aim to dumb down farming and make it available even to urbanites who think they do not have green fingers. We bring in products that make farming so simple, everyone can grow their own food! We want to encourage urbanites to slow down and find joy in the simple act of living. This includes taking time out for one's wellbeing, time away from the screen, to enjoy the fulfilment of watching things grow, to savour the satisfaction of eating one's own crop. Join the farm-to-table revolution today!

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12 x 12 x 12 cm
400 g
United Kingdom/Singapore
United Kingdom/Singapore

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