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At Naiise, we're always looking for passionate and energetic folks to join our team.

We're not particular about grades or experience - what matters most to us is that you're driven, eager to learn, pro-active and aligned with the company culture of doing good, being naiise and helping more people experience and appreciate good design.

If you love design and feel that you have what it takes to be a part of our team, drop us an email at careers@naiise.com :)

We're hiring across the following functions for both intern and full time positions:

Buying. Founded in the belief that design adds value to people's lives, Naiise is constantly on the look out for new brands with amazing products to bring to our customers. If you are a pro-active individual with excellent communication and negotiations skills, we want you in our buying task force. You will work across a range of functions, including identifying new leads, supplier management, stock management, store replenishment and visual merchandising.

Finance. Just like any other business, finance is a crucial function at Naiise. Rest assured that working with numbers is never boring here, as we are one of the fasting growing startup in Singapore, and our days are filled with exciting new challenges.

Human Resources. We treasure the team we have, so we are looking for good hands to grow and take care of the good peeps here in the company. You will be involved in recruitment, training, staff retention, employee benefit programs and payroll management.

Operations. As an e-commerce company, operations is at the heart of our business. As part of the operations team, you will manage orders fulfilment, customer satisfaction, our warehouse and growing inventory. Every little bit of process improvement goes a long mile in the operations line, so we also value problem solvers and pro-active folks!

Marketing. We believe in the power of good branding and marketing and have been very focused in these areas since day 1 of our inception. Our marketing team handles customer acquisition and retention, digital marketing (including social media) and public relations. We're currently looking for a full time campaigns manager, as well as interns that will work closely with the rest of the marketing team to drive deeper brand value for Naiise.

Technology. We're always looking to improve our website, products and provide a better shopping experience for our customers than their last. We're looking for creative and experienced tech folks to join our team and be a part of our success. 



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