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Friends of Naiise




 Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my membership card be valid for?

For Member Tier, your membership card will be valid for a lifetime.

If you are a VIP, your membership card will only be valid for a year from the day you are upgraded to VIP Tier.


How do I renew my expired membership card? Are we still Friends?

If you wish to maintain your VIP status, be sure to spend at least SGD1,000 in a year. However, if you can’t be a VIP, you will still be able to maintain a lifelong Member status with us. So yes, we are still Friends!


May I own more than 1 membership card?

You are only one person, my friend. So we’re sorry, you are only allowed to possess 1 membership card at any time.


What should I do if I lose my membership card?

Don’t panic! Contact us at friends@naiise.com and we will be able to replace your membership card at a friendly administration fee of SGD5.


I just changed my email address, do I need to update my personal information?

Yes please! Email us at friends@naiise.com to update any changes of your personal information as any wrong information could cause you to be unidentifiable as our Friend. That might also cause you to be non-eligible for promotions and privileges. We don’t want that to happen to you!


If I’m not from Singapore, am I still entitled to this friendship?

Yes, we want Friends from around the globe too! Once you have spent SGD50 or more in one order at naiise.com, you will automatically become a Friends of Naiise member :)


How will I be informed of the promotions?

You can log into your personal membership account at naiise.eber.co for the full list of on going rewards and promotions. Promotions and special privileges will also be notified via email, so do check your inbox for the latest updates.


Will I be able to enjoy my Friends of Naiise privileges during the period of time before I get my card? 

Yes. Simply present the QR code from your account page after logging into naiise.eber.co, or letting our friendly staff know your name, email address and phone number, to accumulate points. 

You will have no issues in making purchases online, just make sure that you have logged into the email address you used for membership registration.


I haven’t received my membership card after four weeks, what should I do?

Oh dear, we are really sorry! Do email us at friends@naiise.com and let us know of your concerns. Your membership card typically takes 3-4 weeks to process. However, depending on the number of applications, we may take a little longer to process your card. So do be patient with us, thank you!


Where can I check my membership status and accumulated spending?

You can check your membership information, FON points and available rewards on our Digital Membership Portal. Simply go to naiise.eber.co and log in with your phone number.

If we didn’t address any of your concerns above, do drop us an email at friends@naiise.com and let us know how we can help you because a friend in need, is a friend indeed.


Terms & Conditions

  1. The Friends of Naiise (FON) Member and VIP Cards are issued by Naiise Pte Ltd and shall remain the property of Naiise at all times.
  1. These memberships are non-transferrable.
  1. To apply for the Member Tier, you must spend a minimum of SGD50 in a single receipt and create your membership account at any Naiise store (in Singapore). For online customers, you will automatically become a Friends of Naiise member once you make a purchase of at least SGD50 . Only subsequent orders will be counted towards your accumulated spending.
  1. The Member Tier membership has a lifetime validity.
  1. To automatically qualify for an upgrade to VIP Tier membership, you must spend at least SGD1,000 over a period of 12 months.
  1. The VIP Tier membership will be valid for one year. You must spend at least SGD1,000 over a period of 12 months before the expiry date to extend the VIP membership for another year. Otherwise your VIP Tier membership will be converted to a Member Tier membership.
  1. Kindly allow a processing period of 4 weeks (within Singapore) and 8 weeks (outside Singapore) for new membership applications.
  1. Upgrading of Members to VIPs is automatic, and will be conducted at the end of every month. Kindly allow a processing period of 4 weeks (within Singapore) and 8 weeks (outside Singapore).
  1. You must present your Member or VIP Card upon in-store purchase to enjoy your membership benefits and accumulate spending on your account. For purchases at our online store (www.naiise.com), please use the customer account associated with your membership.
  1. By providing your personal information to us, you have given us permission to contact you for marketing purposes. You may opt-out of any of these preferences at any time. Some of your contact information may be shared with third-party companies that provide Naiise with marketing assistance. Please refer to our privacy policy.
  1. If your FON Card is lost, stolen or damaged, you must inform Naiise immediately via friends@naiise.com for assistance in blocking your card from further usage. The FON Card may be replaced at a replacement fee of SGD5. Naiise will not be accountable for any consequences and loss of benefits and/or privileges.
  1. Any change of personal particulars may be made via friends@naiise.com.
  1. Only purchases made on and after September 2016 qualify for sign up on our Friends of Naiise programme.



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