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Join us as we embark on a journey of Inspiring Creativity in a Glocalized World!

Twinkles by Gladys

Twinkles by Gladys presents small batch, hand-poured candles, made with 100% soy wax and premium oils.

Drawing inspiration from nature, we have created candles that brim and shine with love, care and attention. Our oil blends tend towards fresh, fruity and woody scents, and are gentle and mellow. 

 Through Twinkles by Gladys, we also hope to capture the artistry and spirit of craftsmanship, and reconnect with the people and world around us. Our candles are hand-made by a small team, with the simplest of ingredients. As a brand, we’ve striven to adopt environmentally-friendly and sustainable practices as well. This includes limiting the use of packaging and reusing vessels for candle-making. 

 We hope our candles illuminate the rooms in your homes and hearts, and bring you peace and joy.

 Sustainability & Responsibility

We use glass jars, tins, and other vessels that may be repurposed or reused.

 Customers are also encouraged to return their glass jars, so we can reuse them for the next candle. Jars must be returned in their original condition, with no cracks or scratches, and will be collected on the 4th Saturday of every month

 Besides adopting more mindful and sustainable practices, we also wish to use our platform to support important causes. For every jar returned, we will donate $1 to a Charity of the Month.

For more information on jar returns and Charity of the Month, head over to our Instagram @twinklesbygladys page or drop us an email [email protected]


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