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Design for everyone, for everyday.

Scent Library

Good design does not necessary equate to a bigger price tag all the time. In this collection, we bring to you cool and affordable designs that you can gift to your friends and family.

Scent Library offers aromatherapy goods that fit seamlessly into a life filled with meaning and fulfillment. We believe that less is more, and always choose quality over quantity. From customising natural perfumes that evoke your treasured moments, to handcrafting the freshest goods in small batches, we love all the fine details that go into creating a personal item that you can spend every day with. The signature brand under Scent Library, By Hummingbird Apothecary goods are crafted using the highest quality ingredients from sustainable growers in Australia, Europe and the US. No artificial ingredients, paraben-free, vegan friendly. Walk with us on our slow living journey (Instagram @ScentLibrary).



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