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Liht Organics


Liht is also about empowering a woman to live fully in her Liht, by her rules, in her own time. We want to encourage you to use makeup as a tool to express yourselves in the multiple roles that you play every day – as a mother, a daughter, a wife, a career woman, a humanitarian – but most importantly as your ownwoman; unlimited by society’s definitions and expectations.

Our products are modelled after YOU – the modern woman. Progressive, multi-faceted and efficient.

We believe in you... And we believe in makeup that makes you – YOU.

What makes us different?

High Organic Content – some brands market themselves as ‘Organic’ or ‘Natural’ but in actual fact only include a small percentage of these ingredients. Our formulations are made with up to 90% organic ingredients, and 100% natural content.

High Performance Makeup – common misconceptions around Organic Makeup is that the colors are not visible, and the makeup does not last throughout the day. Our range of products are extremely pigmented, and can last for up to 16 hours. We use it in a range of functions – from daily wear, to photoshoots, outdoor shoots, bridal makeup, makeovers etc.

A Shade for Everyone – another misconception about Organic Makeup is that there are very limited shades available. Through the use of flower petals and mineral rocks in our formulations, we now have a wide variety of shades across a comprehensive range of products – from Liquid Foundation to Lipgloss and Blushes – the list goes on.


Our customers who believe in safe beauty and also want a complete range to achieve various looks no longer have to compromise one for the other.

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