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GRACE 恩 Mug (Pre-Order)

32.50 SGD

Featuring an original illustration of a scene of bliss – a background of birds flitting through a bamboo forest, calm shades of jade greens, and a gold print of the word “福”,this is a meaningful piece of decor or gift for people of contemporary tastes, with an appreciation for Asian culture.

BLISS 福 Mug is part of the TRINITY Blessings Series - containing the Chinese characters 福 (Bliss), 恩 (Grace) and 爱 (Love), a trinity of age old blessings reworded for today, featuring original contemporary illustrations.

Not suitable for use in oven, microwave or dishwasher. Handwash only.

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Scene Shang
Jingdezhen Porcelain, Handpainted Gold Trim, Stainless Steel with Gold Plating (Spoon)
8.5 x 10 (350ml)